Marina Seidel

Marina Seidel
Binghamton. NY
Year of Graduation

Plans, goals dreams

I'll be attending New York Medical College this fall. I’ve wanted to be a pediatrician for as long as I can remember. Medicine is the only career where I can integrate my love for science and discovery and problem-solving with social interaction, because I think I’m too much of a people person to be working at a desk all day, or analyzing lab statistics. I like the fact that with medicine, I can do all that but then also be interacting with patients.

How Oneonta prepared me

I feel like Oneonta did a wonderful job preparing me for my future. I had interviews at seven medical schools, and when I sat down for my interview at Stony Brook, I was one of only two students out of about 20 who were applying to medical school right out of undergrad. Most people takes two or three gap years. And not only that, two of the students there had graduated from Harvard, and one of them was from Columbia.

Most valuable experiences

I was a Teaching Assistant for organic chemistry and a member of Dr. Jacqueline Bennett’s research group. Research is a big part of some medical schools, so having my feet wet and knowing how a research lab works really helped me stand out in my interviews.

What I love about Oneonta

The size is nice. Your classes are relatively small. The largest class I think I had was 100 students. I can’t imagine sitting in a class of 500 students. How do you get the attention that you need? You don’t. And even though we’re small, I feel like there’s a lot of opportunities. If you want to be involved in research, you can find a faculty member who will take you on. The college also supports you financially. My lab partner and I wrote a research grant with Dr. Bennett last semester and we got the full amount. We presented a poster at the American Chemical Society national meeting in San Francisco and I got two grants, the D’Antonio grant and the STEP grant, to help cover the travel costs.

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