Matt Skinner

Matt Skinner
Clifton Park, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

When I came here and did my fourth tour, I stood up on the steps right next to where the Welcome Center is and looked out, and I saw myself doing homework in Fitzelle and hanging out at the “bridge” in Fine Arts, and it felt like home. That’s what sold it to me, that’s how I knew. The next day I submitted the rest of the paperwork, and that’s how I knew I was going to be a Red Dragon. I called Oneonta “home” one week after moving in, and my mom was like, “Excuse me?”

My Activities

Mask and Hammer, fencing, New Student Services

Best Experiences

Being in the musical, “Honk.” Our first performance was at 10 a.m. for a group of elementary school children. Just seeing those kids’ bright eyes seeing the show, it was by far the greatest audience I’ve ever had, and I’ve done theatre all over the place.

I was also an RA, and working for Residence Life, and now New Student Services, really opened the door and showed me that I love being able to lead other people to loving this town and school. Seeing tours on the Fitzelle bridge every day, I just feel so passionate about this school. Those experiences helped shape me into who I am. One of my greatest experiences was befriending my RA my freshman year, and he’s the one who told me to become an RA, and then I helped others become RAs, so to be part of that legacy was really cool.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

Be part of a marketing team for some major corporation in New York City. I would love to be able to live outside of New York and commute in. A true dream job would be to be a voice actor for Disney. I did the Disney College Program my junior year, and that was a blast. I would love to work with Pixar, creating different voices for characters.

Favorite Class

The acting class I took with Drew Kahl. He showed me so many different doors on what acting is. Acting is not about memorizing lines, it’s how you emphasize those lines. It’s an embodiment of a concept. That and taking it with a bunch of my friends and doing scenes from “Good Will Hunting” and “Animal House” and all these other movies was a lot of fun.

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