Megan Cavell

Megan Cavell
Poughquag, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I’m actually a transfer. I transferred here last semester after graduating early from Duchess Community College. Out of high school, I still didn’t know exactly where I wanted to go. I still hadn’t found that “home.” I actually visited this college five years prior for my sister when she was looking at schools. We came in November, and it was dreary and snowy that day, and I didn’t really like it. But then some of my friends from high school went here, and I visited them one day in September, and I fell in love with it. Once I came here and had a more personal tour, I really just fell in love with the environment and decided it’s OK if there’s snow – I’ll just go with it. Just interacting with everyone – it really did give me that home-away-from-home feeling.

My Activities

Terpsichorean Dance Company, OnMark student marketing club

Best Experiences

All of the club activities and classroom interactions with other students and my teachers. I’ve been fortunate to have really great teachers that I feel like I can go to if there’s an issue with an assignment or if I need guidance with anything, within the class or outside the class. A lot of my teachers have been really personable. And then with the students, there’s this family atmosphere with everyone being really accepting. I haven’t been part of the marketing club for very long, but I’m really just throwing myself into a new environment and really excited about all of that.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

Good Morning America! I’ve done interview episodes where I’ve been the host of shows at my community college, and I just love sitting down and having a conversation with somebody. Whether I know stuff about them or it’s just complete off-the-cuff, no background. I can see myself really building off of that social interaction, whether it’s with celebrities or normal people who have amazing stories to tell.

About My Major

Everyone always says it’s an “easy” major, and I love showing them my projects and proving them wrong. Yes, you get to watch movies in some classes to analyze them and be in a television studio and you’re not really writing as many essays and doing research, but you’re really learning the behind-the-scenes, doing the switchboard or the lights or being the director. It’s such a broad field. You can dabble in so many different things, whereas if you’re a history or math major, you’re really stuck in one area. With this, I can touch on history or math by making documentaries on them or interviewing experts in those fields. The possibilities are endless with it.

Favorite Class

Digital Storytelling with Laura Felschow. It’s a whole new way of thinking about things and pretty challenging. Recently we had to take a picture and create a story off of it. It may seem easy, but it’s very in-depth. The professor is such a bubbly character. She always wears comic book dresses, which I love. She starts off the class asking us how our day is going. You really just get a one-on-one with her, and it’s so nice.

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