Ryan O’Reilly

Ryan O’Reilly
Manorville, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I looked at four different schools, and then when I was doing my tours I came here for Open House and I really liked the campus. Then I went to all of the lectures and department presentations, and I really liked the education and Spanish departments. I just really liked the campus and felt like it was a home, and then I also liked the two programs I was looking at.

My Activities
Tour Guide, Captain of OSES (Oneonta State Emergency Squad), former Resident Assistant, Student Association senator

Best Experiences

It has been really nice to build a rapport with different faculty and staff on campus...

When I was an RA, I got to work with freshmen, which was awesome because I got to watch them grow and acclimate themselves in college and watch them get involved and really find their place here, so that was a cool experience. And then working with OSES and the other different departments I interact with on a daily basis. It has been really nice to build a rapport with different faculty and staff on campus and being able to work with other students and kind of give back a little to the community.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

I want to be a middle school Spanish teacher, probably like eighth grade. It’s a good age where you can interact with them and they can start to form their own opinions and add substance to a conversation. It’s really when they dive into language and start learning about why it’s so important to learn other languages and how it can connect people.

About My Majors

In the education department, I like how all of the professors have taught before and a lot of them talk about their experiences and what works and what doesn’t work. Especially when you go into the classroom for your observation, you can see the relevance of what you’re learning about. Like classroom management, you can see how a teacher does it or doesn’t do it.

As far as the Spanish department, because it’s a second language it’s not that easy for me sometimes, but I’ve always felt like the mistakes I’ve made were good because it brought a teaching moment to the class. It’s a very comfortable environment. You don’t just learn the language and the grammatical structures, you learn Spanish literature as well and what the culture is like.

Favorite Class

For education it was Educational Technology because I learned a lot about different programs you can use to teach, and what else you can use other than a textbook. For Spanish, it’s Phonetics and Phrenology, which is essentially word structure and how words are built and why accents go on certain letters and how you break it down. It’s the science of a word, so it’s very intricate but also interesting because it explains why when you talk really fast, those sounds come together and how the tongue moves in your mouth to make different sounds and how it’s different in English and Spanish, so it’s really interesting.

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