Victoria Gray

Victoria Gray
Elmont, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

The atmosphere of the campus. I really wanted something new, away from home, a whole new environment. I really liked the campus – the actual buildings and the layout of everything. I really just think as a whole, compared to a lot of other campuses, it’s pretty beautiful here.

My Activities

Residential Adviser, tour guide, Students of Color Coalition e-board member

Best Experiences

I have really enjoyed being a tour guide and getting to show the beautiful campus to students. The communication aspect of that was wonderful because you have to get your points across while also listening for questions. Some of my other favorite times at Oneonta have been by the Hunt Union fountain, just sitting out maybe with some Starbucks, some snacks and just debriefing on our day. You see the little orange fish in the pond, and it’s kind of therapeutic to sit out there and the sun’s beating down and you can just sit on the dock. Some of my best experiences have been just sitting out there and talking to my friends.

Plans, Goals, Dreams:

My dream job would be a pediatrician. I really am interested in healthcare and I want to be that physician in the healthcare field that kids can feel very comfortable with. There’s so many reasons. I want to bring diversity to the field and be that representation for people who look like me and be that difference in a child’s life. A lot of people, and especially children, don’t like going to the doctor, and if you can be that person to make that experience better, it’s so essential and so necessary. I definitely want to be part of that experience.

About My Major

I really like that my major, as the time went on, became very hands-on. The labs have given me a lot of experience with techniques and tools that I couldn’t even imagine. At the end of the day, when I look back, I’m gaining experience I wouldn’t have gained elsewhere. It really helps me to actually feel like I’m in the field already. We’re wearing  lab coats, gloves and goggles. We work together in groups and that gives you a chance to get to know your classmates more. It becomes a community just within the department. I went on a trip with my genetics class to the animal shelter in Cooperstown, where we got dog DNA samples, and it was really cool to work with the vet technicians and assist them. I really appreciate professors who take the time to give us experiences like that. That’s something I’ll always remember.

Favorite Class

My public speaking class. Just from that one semester, I saw myself grow so much. We had a persuasive speech assignment. It became really cool for me because it gave me an outlet and a push to become a speaker and leader and give me that voice I really needed. We learned so much about how to properly convey a message to a crowd. I always am interested in trying to communicate better, so that class really did give me a push I needed, and I feel like it’s a class everyone should take in college.

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