Academic Building Access Policy

Policy Statement

Main doors to academic buildings will be unlocked Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM  to 11:00 PM and weekends 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM during the fall and spring semesters when classes are in session.

Students with specific academic purposes needing access outside normal hours may submit a request for an official Building Pass. A Building Pass must be approved by a Department Chair and will be valid for the then current semester. The student must carry the Building Pass and their college ID with them whenever they are in a building outside normal hours. The Department Chair will specify which rooms the student will have access to beyond the main door. This protocol applies to undergraduate students only.

Outside of the fall and spring semesters, main doors to academic buildings will be locked and unlocked by the Facilities Department on a case-by-case basis as building needs dictate.


SUNY Oneonta academic buildings are a valuable asset for academic work and use should be maximized to support a rigorous and enriching experience for faculty and students. SUNY Oneonta encourages an open environment but recognizes that there is inherent risk associated with unlimited access. This policy limiting and controlling access is intended to enhance the safety of all faculty, staff and students who work and study in our academic buildings. This policy is also intended to increase the physical security of the college’s buildings and properties.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to the following buildings:

Fine Arts
Fitzelle Hall
Human Ecology
Schumacher Hall
Science I
Physical Science

Policy Elaboration          

Main doors to buildings are electronically controlled by card access. As such, it would be a violation of this policy to prop open a door or otherwise circumvent the card access system.

A Building Pass is issued for legitimate academic purposes only.  Any unauthorized activities will result in the revocation of the Building Pass.

Any alteration or fraudulent use of a Building Pass will result in disciplinary action.

Students must have a Building Pass in their possession and must display the pass along with picture identification upon the request of any college official (i.e., faculty member, maintenance personnel, police officer, etc.)

Authorization of a Building Pass by a Department Chair implies that the student has the necessary maturity to act responsibly while in the building and when applicable has been provided with appropriate training to use College equipment.


To request a Building Pass go to

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Questions related to the implementation of this policy should be directed to:

University Police

Effective Dates

Approved by the President on May 5, 2015