Interim Progress Reports (Mid-Term Grades)

Faculty are required to submit Interim Progress Reports for all undergraduate students (degree and non-degree). Interim grades are not required for mini- and half-semester courses. Interim grades do not apply to graduate students.

Grading Scale for Mid-Term Grades




satisfactory ("A" through "C"; or "Pass" for Pass/Fail grading)


marginal ("C-" through "D-")


unacceptable (unacceptable academic performance or participation)


faculty unable to provide evaluation

There may be a limited number of other courses where early evaluation is inappropriate or impossible; reports are expected for all standard undergraduate courses, and especially for all general education courses.

Interim grades are due from faculty within the first six weeks of the semester. Specific deadlines are available on the Key dates and Deadlines distributed prior to the beginning of each semester. They are also available on the Registrar’s web page. Interim grades are provided to students via web services prior to the last day to withdraw from an individual course.

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