Pending Grades

Note: Pending Grades are not assigned at the graduate level.

The grade "PEN" indicates that the coursework has been satisfactory but there is some persistent inadequacy in writing or reading. Instructors should refer a student to the Center for Academic Development and Enrichment as soon as a problem is discovered and not wait to assign a "PEN" grade at the end of the term.

The "PEN" grade may be used when an instructor discovers a specific skill deficiency (writing or reading) in a student’s work, but not in place of an "E" or "I" grade. Students who receive a "PEN" grade are required to start remediation during the next semester in residence.

Pending grades may not be assigned in non-credit courses. When a "PEN" grade is given in a course, the deadline for completion of the course is identical to that given for an Incomplete, i.e., during the semester following that in which the "PEN" was assigned. For "PEN" grades assigned in the fall, the deadline is approximately the last week in April. For "PEN" grades assigned in the spring or summer, the deadline is approximately the last week in November. Failure to complete "PEN" grades will result in a failing grade for the course. With the student’s consent, an instructor may extend the "PEN" grade whenever there is an educational advantage in doing so. This may be accomplished by submitting an Extension of Incomplete form with the Registrar, prior to the incomplete/pending deadline.

Instructors assigning "PEN" grades must complete and attach a "Student Notification of Pending Grade" form, providing a brief but clear written statement of the exact skill to be mastered in order to pass the course. The Registrar will send a copy of this form to the student and to the Center for Academic Development and Enrichment.

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