SUNY Cross-Registration Policy

Policy Statement

The Cross-Registration Policy allows one SUNY institution to provide instruction for a student who is enrolled full-time in a degree or certificate program at another SUNY institution during a fall or spring academic term.  Cross-registered instruction may occur in any instructional format. Students will not be liable for tuition associated with the host institution credit, but will be responsible for all course-related fees.


The College is adopting this policy to be in compliance with the SUNY Memorandum to Presidents vol. 13, no. 1. The cross-registration policy is a key-building block in the SUNY student mobility initiative.  

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to all current and future students.


Home Institution: SUNY institution where the student is enrolled full-time in a degree or certificate program.

Host Institution: SUNY institution that agrees to allow the student to enroll in coursework while still pursuing a degree or certification program at the home institution.

Full time enrollment: 12 semester hours or more for undergraduate students.


For students to receive the benefits of cross-registration, both the home and host institutions must approve a student’s request to cross-register.  Students must meet all degree residency requirements at their home institutions.  When possible, the determination should be made prior to the start of the home campus’ academic term.  Below are the criteria to participate in cross-registration.

  1. Student must be matriculated in a degree or certificate seeking program.
  2. Cross-registration must be used to satisfy degree requirements.
  3. Cross-registration is subject to factors such as availability of space and satisfactory completion of course pre-requisites.  Registration priority is given to home institution students.
  4. Students must be enrolled full-time in the academic term at their home institution to be eligible for cross-registration.
  5. No more than six semester hours of cross-registration coursework are allowed per semester.  A student’s total workload, including the cross-registered credits, should not exceed the home institution’s credit limit policy.
  6. Students wishing to complete coursework at Oneonta through cross-registration must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA at the home institution and not be in a dismissed/expelled/suspended status from Oneonta.
  7. Oneonta degree students wishing to take coursework at another institution must adhere to the Prior Approval of Transfer Credit process.

Students from other SUNY institutions who wish to complete coursework at Oneonta should contact the Office of Continuing Education and Summer Session for more information.

SUNY Oneonta students who wish to complete coursework at another SUNY institution should contact the Academic Advisement Center for more information.

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 Approved by the President  5/7/13