Council Membership

A – President’s Advisory Committee

President Advisory Committee is made up of the 05 subcommittee co-chairs and the PCOD chair (appointed by the President). PAC serves as the PCOD steering committee. The PCOD chair convenes a biweekly steering committee meeting. The Advisory Committee meets with the President and the CDO once-a-month and as needed.

B – PCOD Chair

Bernadette Tiapo, Ph.D.
Interim Vice President for Student Development and Chief Diversity Officer

C - PCOD Subcommittees

Each PCOD subcommittee is made up of faculty, staff and students. Each subcommittee defines the framework and schedule of its activities based on charge. The chair facilitates 02 retreats with PCOD members, annually.

The 05 subcommittees are charged with one of the following areas:

  • Campus climate
  • Faculty, staff and student advocacy and support
  • Community outreach, communication and membership
  • Inclusive excellence, and
  • Strategic planning and assessment

C-1 Campus Climate Subcommittee

Co-chairs – Andrew Stammel, J.D., Affirmative Action Officer, Title IX Coordinator, Assistant to the CDO and Pathy Leiva, Director of Access and Opportunities Programs


  • Jenny Bagby, Coordinator, Accessibility Resources
  • Cameron Conover, Head Men’s Basketball Coach
  • Summer Cunningham, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Communication Studies
  • Carl Dutreuil, student
  • Alejandra Escudero, Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Andrea Fallon-Korb, Lecturer- Sport Management
  • Emmon Johnson, Customer Support Solutions Specialist
  • Samantha Kaminski, student
  • Robert Kirk, Ph.D., C.D.P., Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • J Lentner, Director, Student Accounts Office
  • Brent McGrady, University Police Officer 1
  • Sean Shannon, Ph.D, JD Lecturer of Law, School of Liberal Arts and Business
  • Betty Wambui Ph.D., Professor Africana and Latinx Studies


  • Campus Climate Survey – assist with the administration and presentation of results
  • Follow-up on outcomes, in collaboration with Strategic Planning Subcommittee
  • Updates to campus community
  • Active collaboration with BART, Action Hero Committee and Office of Title IX and Affirmative Action
  • Campus climate related discussions

Spring 2021 and fall 2021 areas of focus

  • Analyze the Voices of Oneonta submissions to identify campus climate issues.
  • Establish and advertise an online access point for members of the college community to provide feedback related to campus climate.
  • Hold at least one forum/meeting to communicate data and trends related to our current campus climate and/or to invite additional feedback from the campus community.

C-2 Faculty, Staff, and Student Advocacy and Support Subcommittee

Co-Chairs – Emily Phelps, MSW Assistant Director Student Life and Leadership/
Gender & Sexuality Resource Center, student, and Rhea Nowak, Interim Director of the Faculty Center, Professor of Art


  • Alexandra Burwood, student
  • Alyssa Carbone, student
  • Jian Cui, Assistant Professor of Art
  • James Damico, Community Director Hays and Higgins Hall
  • Gabriela Donato, Admissions Counselor
  • Elizabeth Dunn, Ph.D., Dean, School of Liberal Arts & Professor of History
  • Angie Eichler, Assistant Director Student Life and Leadership
  • Matthew Hendley Ph.D, Professor of History, Department Chair
  • Grazyna Kamburowska, Math., Computer Science, and Statistics
  • Denise Leinonen, International Student Advisor
  • Hailey Mancini, Community Director Macduff Hall
  • Chelsea McCracken Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Media Studies
  • Maurice Odago Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Kelly Spettell, Administrative Assistant, School of Economics & Business
  • Frank Thornton Ed.D. CLDE, Associate Professor of Special Education


  • Concerned with discussions and suggestions geared towards retention efforts; for example, the establishment and/or reinforcement of
  • Mentoring programs
  • Affinity groups
  • New employee welcome /Get together opportunities
  • Collaborations with Faculty Learning Center, Human Resources etc.
  • Concerned with discussions and suggestions on equity related issues
  • Collaboration with Affirmative Action Officer and Human Resources
  • Assist with developing and reviewing DEI related policies

Spring 2021 and fall 2021 areas of focus

  • Evaluate how our institution currently cultivates and supports marginalized identities within faculty, staff, and students.
  • Create opportunities to continue to build trust and strengthen networking across campus.

C-3 Community Outreach, Communication, and Membership Subcommittee

Co-Chairs – Deb Bruce, Administrative Assistant, Communication and Media and Colleen Cashman, ACE Counselor, Access and Opportunity Programs


  • Hal Legg, Special Asst. to the President, President's Office
  • Carlene Burmann, Master's Candidate in Museum Studies, Cooperstown Graduate Program
  • Wesley Bernard, Assistant Professor of Photography Art Department
  • Suzanne Black, Associate Professor, English
  • Kelly Gallagher, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Katrine Guliano, student
  • Kathy Hewlett, Office Assistant 2, Office of Student Life and Leadership
  • Laura Lincoln, Director, Office of Alumni Engagement
  • Cassandra Miller, Adjunct Lecturer, Communication + Media
  • Peter Owens, Head Coach Athletics
  • Steve Walsh Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Marketing
  • Bryce Wooden, Counselor/Recruiter, Educational Opportunity Program


  • Campus and Community Relation in collaboration with the Office of Communication and Office of the President
  • Cross-campus collaborative initiatives
  • Advisory role in the publication of DEI campus newsletter and website updates
  • Monitoring of PCOD membership, call for nominations/terms/renewal/replacement
  • Advisory role regarding DEI Resources and archiving

Spring 2021 and fall 2021 areas of focus

  • Develop a way to collect all diversity projects and events in one location and distribute across campus and to the wider community.

C-4 Inclusive Excellence Subcommittee

Co-chairs – Maria Chaves Daza, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Africana and Latino Studies and Greg Hummel Ph.D., Assistant Professor Communication Studies


  • Babatunde Aiyemo, Professor Econ., Finance & Marketing
  • "Apurva Apurva Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Department of Sociology"
  • Tracy Betsinger Ph.D. , Chair and Professor of Anthropology
  • Dr. Shahin Kachwala, Assistant Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Kirsten Kemmerer Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Dr. Tim Newton, Professor of Music
  • Jillian Segina, student
  • Dorothy Rombo Ph.D, CFLE, Associate professor Child and Family Studies
  • Alanna Rudzik, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology
  • Elio Santos Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Nicole Waid, Assistant Professor, Secondary Ed & Ed. Technology
  • Emma Wiggans, student
  • Davelyn Whyte-Johnson


  • Inclusive curriculum initiatives in collaboration with the Faculty Learning Center
  • Discussions and suggestions on student advocacy related to the classroom environment
  • Tapestry of Diversity Award planning and organization
  • Collaboration with other subcommittees, offices and programs to obtain data for suggestions of targeted trainings for the campus community
  • Recommendations for outside trainings and/or webinars
  • Assist with facilitating trainings, as necessary, in collaboration with other departments

Spring 2021 and fall 2021 areas of focus

  • Develop a sub-committee for the Tapestry of Diversity and Inclusion Award.
  • Hold conversations based on scenarios that faculty face in the classrooms around issues of diversity and inclusion as a possible model for some faculty training in the future.

C-5 Strategic Planning and Assessment Subcommittee

Co-chairs - Joshua Nelson M.Ed., Assessment Specialist, Division of Strategy, Planning and Effectiveness and Elyse Purcell Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Philosophy


  • Karen Brown, Executive Director of Admissions/Senior Enrollment Mgmt Officer
  • Kevin Dean, student
  • Dr. Dawn Hamlin, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Educational Psychology, Counseling and Special Education
  • Bill Harceleroad, Director of Campus Activites and Leadership
  • Penina Kamina Ph.D., Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
  • Shyia Magan, Cooperstown Graduate Program, M.A. Museum Studies Candidate 2022
  • Mara Silva, student
  • Trudy Thomas-Smith Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Kiyoko Yokota Ph.D., CLM, Associate Professor of Biology and Biological Field Station (BFS) Researcher


  • Assist with the coordination and development of DEI Strategic Plan, in collaboration with campus constituents
  • Assist with monitoring of implementation of the strategic plan and continuous assessment efforts
  • Assist with facilitating regular campus updates on DEI Strategic Plan progress
  • Identification of focus areas for annual Learning Outcomes.

Spring 2021 and fall 2021 areas of focus

  • Collect evidence for the 2020 Diversity Report. Examine measures used for success and ultimately identify shared success and opportunities for future focus.
2020-21 Council Membership



Samantha Kaminski Student Representative 2023
Carl Dutreuil Student Representative 2023
Andrea Fallon-Korb Sports and Exercise Sciences 2023
Summer Cunningham Communication Studies 2023
Jenny Bagby Accessibility Resources 2024
J Lentner Student Accounts 2024
Emmon Johnson ITS 2024
Alejandra Escudero Foreign Languages and Literatures 2024
Brent McGrady University Police Department 2024
Betty Wambui Africana and Latinx Studies 2024
Robert Kirk Psychology 2024
Cameron Conover Athletics 2024
Sean Shannon Economics and Business 2024
Jian Cui Art 2023
Alexandra Burwood Student Representative 2023
Rhea Nowak Art 2023
Pearlie Rose Baluyut Art History 2023
Elizabeth Dunn Liberal Arts 2024
Alyssa Carbone Student Representative 2023
Matthew Hendley History 2024
Kelly Spettell Economics & Business 2024
Grazyna Kamburowska Math., Computer Science, and Statistics 2024
Denise Leinonen International Student Advisor 2024
Frank Thornton Special Education 2024
Angie Eichler Student Life and Leadership 2024
Gabriela Donato Admissions 2024
Chelsea McCracken Media Studies 2024
Maurice Odago Chemistry and Biochemistry 2024
Hailey Mancini Community Director 2024
Peter Owens Athletics 2023
Bryce Wooden Educational Opportunity Program 2023
Laura Lincoln Alumni Engagement 2023
Colleen Cashman Access and Opportunity Programs 2023
Cassandra Miller Communication and Media 2024
Steve Walsh Marketing 2024
Tracey Ranieri Athletics 2024
Carlene Burman Cooperstown Graduate Program 2024
Katrine Guliano Student Representative 2024
Kelly Gallagher Chemistry & Biochemistry 2024
Wesley Bernard Art 2024
Suzanne Black English 2024
Kathy Hewlett Student Life and Leadership 2024
Dorothy Rombo Human Ecology 2023
Emma Wiggans Student Representative 2023
Elio Santos Psychology 2023
Davelyn Whyte-Johnson EOP Counselor 2023
Shahin Kachwala Women’s and Gender Studies 2023
Apurva Apurva Sociology 2024
Tim Newton Music 2024
Kirsten Kemmerer Sociology 2024
Tracy Betsinger Anthropology 2024
Babatunde Aiyemo Economics & Business 2024
Jillian Segina Student Representative 2024
Nicole Waid Secondary Ed & Ed. Technology 2024
Alanna Rudzik Anthropology 2024
Joshua Nelson Strategy, Planning and Effectiveness 2023
Dawn Hamlin Educational Psychology, Counseling and Special Education 2023
Kevin Dean Student Representative 2023
Lisa Snyder Strategy, Planning and Effectiveness 2023
Elyse Purcell Philosophy 2024
Shyia Magan Cooperstown Graduate Program 2024
Kiyoko Yokota Biology and Biological Field Station 2024
Mara Silva Student Representative 2024
Karen Brown Admissions 2024
Penina Kamina Elementary Education and Reading 2024
Trudy Thomas-Smith Chemistry and Biochemistry 2024
Deb Bruce Communication and Media 2024
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