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Outstanding Senior in the School of Economics and Business Award:  The outstanding graduating senior in the School of Economics and Business is chosen by the entire faculty of the school based on overall and major cumulative GPA of at least 3.5, with a mix of demonstrated on and off campus leadership.

Outstanding Senior in Department Award: The outstanding graduating seniors from each academic department is chosen by department award committee.  A cumulative GPA of at least 3.5, with a mix of demonstrated on and off campus leadership.

Outstanding Senior in Major Award: The outstanding graduating senior in each major of the division: Professional Accounting, Business Economics,and Economics. A senior is recognized by each division majors committee. Criteria include cumulative GPA (usually a 3.25 overall) and demonstrated excellence in the major.

Robert B. Carson Award: Award for excellence in Economics. Selection is made by the Economics faculty. The recipient should be a graduating senior who has completed the best senior thesis in Economics.

It is not required that each of these awards be granted every year. Certificates of recognition are presented to recipients at graduation and engraved plaques bearing the names of recipients are permanently displayed in the SEB office.


SEB Scholarships

The School of Economics and Business has six endowed scholarship funds dedicated to majors in Accounting, Business Economics or Economics, including:

  • School of Economics and Business Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • John and Claudia DeMelis "Founders Scholarship in Accounting"*
  • John Doherty Scholarship
  • Steven Edelstein Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Foster Brown
  • Dr. Ignatius J. H. Ts'ao Scholarship
  • George F. Ring, Jr, and Ellen Smith Ring Scholarship

*restricted to Professional Accounting Majors

Eligibility for awards from these endowed scholarships is based upon academic achievement at SUNY Oneonta, measured in terms of overall grade point average and grade point average in a major offered by the School of Economics and Business.

There is no application process for these scholarships. Eligibility for an award is determined by grade point average and a minimum number of earned semester hours.

Awards are contingent upon enrollment at SUNY Oneonta in a School of Economics and Business major. Awards are renewable based upon continued enrollment and sustained academic performance.

Academic Achievement Awards
Year Outstanding Senior
in the School of Economics & Business
Outstanding Senior in EFA Dept. Outstanding Senior
in MMI Dept.
Professional Accounting Major Business Economics Major Economics Major Robert B. Carson Economics



  Amanda Wilsey (PACC)

Zishan Wariach 


Malorie Carrington Sarah Gravelin Andrew Turner

Michelle Silsbe

Andrew Turner

2012   David Laureano (PACC)

Margaret Gilroy


Samantha Moak

Patrick Joy Nicholas Weidner Scott Doig
2013   Scott Burlison (PACC) Cody Hall (BSEC) Scott Burlison (PACC) Kerry Goodnight   Julia Fremante (BSEC)
2014 Jessica Silsbe (BSEC) Christopher Rollo (PACC) Jessica Silsbe (BSEC) Christopher Rollo David Stanton   Mariel Doyle (ECON)
2015 Mariel Doyle (ECON)     Daniel Lounsbury Kelly Van Deusen Mariel Doyle Jennifer Rushlow (ECON)
2016 Jennifer Rushlow (ECON) Jennifer Rushlow (ECON) Shane Irwin (BSEC) Sean Mockler Kathryn White Jennifer Rushlow John Marino
2017 Jessica Dominianni (BSEC) Joseph Matzel (ECON) Ryan Hanley (BSEC) Taylor Burrows Jessica Dominianni Joseph Matzel Anna Lin
2018 Connor Killane  Anthony Vecere Joseph Pirro Michael McDonnell Connor Killane Cassandra Alexandre Thanh Nguyen

Alan Wynne

Nicholas Giordano Morgan Blau

Heather Van Zile

Karen Duffy

Anthony Messina

Nicholas Giordano


2020 Gillian Stieglitz Karlo Vlahek Daniel Ioos Jason Cropsey Gillian Stieglitz Nick Dillmann Karlo Vlahek
Off-campus Awards
Year A Southern Tier Chapter of the NYSSCPA

Heather Van  Zile - Accounting

Rachel Menoutis - Auditing

Samantha Croce - Taxation


Michael McDonnell - Accounting

Nicole Scherer - Taxation

Salvatore Vancio - Auditing

SUNY Oneonta Scholarships

Freshmen and transfer students majoring in Accounting, Business Economics, and Economics may also be eligible for scholarship awards from other sources.

Freshmen students may be eligible for awards from academic merit-based scholarships, academic merit- and financial need-based scholarships, and other criteria-based scholarships made available by the college.

Transfer students may also be eligible for scholarship awards from other sources. Transfer students entering SUNY Oneonta with an Associates Degree from a two-year college are eligible for transfer scholarships.

Every qualified applicant is automatically screened for scholarships.

Scholarship Information

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