Music for Life

Music for Life faculty mentor Joe Pignato teaches a Jam Band class
Music for Life faculty mentor Joe Pignato teaches a Jam Band class
Jam Band class
Jam Band class

About the LLC

None of us needs music to survive. Yet, life without music seems implausible. Human beings play or listen to music in a variety of ways the world over. In fact, music permeates nearly every human activity, event, ritual and expression.

The Music for Life LLC brings together music and music industry majors, as well as students from other majors, to explore the phenomenon of music in everyday life. Together, you’ll explore big questions such as, “What is music?” “Why do human beings make music?” "What does it mean to be musical?” and “How can one live life AS music?”

You will meet regularly to share information about interesting musical events and discuss the meaning of music in your life, and the ways in which people use music to define themselves, their social groups and their disposition to the larger society.

Students in the Music for Life LLC will be enrolled in a first-year seminar taught by a music Professor Joseph Pignato, as well as Music 100 or Music 106, introductory music courses that explore music across genres and historical time periods.

Meet Dr. Pignato

Joe Pignato is a composer, improviser and music education scholar with more than 25 years of experience in music business and media. He leads Bright Dog Red, an improvising quintet that fuses free improvisation, electronica, jazz, hip hop, psychedelia and noise music. Working under the moniker u.joe, he produces live drum tracks for DJs, producers, MCs and remix artists. At SUNY Oneonta, he teaches music industry courses, beat production and two ensembles that perform experimental music and improvised rock.

How to Apply

Students accepted for fall 2019 can apply for an LLC by indicating interest on the housing application, available in the myOneonta portal. Applications are due June 22.


For questions, please contact the Office of Residential and Community Life at or 607-436-2514.

Taylor Williams
I'm in the Music for Life LLC and all the kids on my floor either play an instrument or they sing. And it is so much fun because I'll just go into whoever's room and they'll be playing guitar and we'll just all start singing along. I love it! It was the best decision I've made. Now I’m thinking about minoring in vocal performance.
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