Policies & Procedures

Within the total concept of opportunity for formal and informal recreational participation, the intramural program provides several opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to interact in a variety of dynamic sport situations. Organized recreational and competitive sports are available for all regardless of skills, physical abilities, or interest. The intramural sports staff also seeks to promote the development of leadership qualities in students. Opportunities for initiating and organizing their own competitive experiences as well as work experiences as student officials and supervisors are considered integral to the student's ongoing educational process.

The intramural program is designed to provide the SUNY Oneonta community with the opportunity to engage in a large number and variety of individual, dual, and team sports activities encompassing a wide range of skill levels. Individual and dual sports are offered each semester for students, faculty, and staff and are open to both men and women desiring personal involvement on a non-varsity level. In addition to men's and women's competition, co-recreational activities offer the additional chance to promote and foster camaraderie between men and women within a competitive sports program.

The intramural administrative staff schedules and coordinates the use of many facilities, playing fields, and equipment necessary for successfully administrating 20 team and individual sports involving approximately 2200 participants over the course of one school year. Aerobics classes include over 3000 participants for any given year.

Should SUNY Oneonta be closed by order of the President, Intramurals will close down scheduled game contests and open swimming following the policies of the university. We will continue to make a conscientious effort to maintain our fitness facilities and open gymnasium recreation at this time.

Statement of Risk

Participation in intramurals is voluntary. SUNY Oneonta is not liable for injuries suffered by participants. The intramural participant is encouraged to consider his/her activities. Such participation involves physical exertion, fundamental skills for that sport or activity, and may involve physical contact. The participant, being aware of any conditions predisposing him/her to injury or illness, and in consideration of the inherent physical exertion and possible contact involved in intramural participation, may wish to seek the advice of a physician to participate or may choose not to participate at all.

Eligibility for Participation

Full or part-time students, affiliated with SUNY Oneonta, who pay the student activity fee for the current semester are eligible to participate in intramural activities for that semester with the following exceptions:

* Individuals who still have NCAA eligibility and are on that particular sport during the academic year.

*A club team entering the specific sport in intramural play.

*Individuals who are ruled physically unfit.

*Individuals who are ruled ineligible by the Intramural Director for disciplinary reasons.

*Individuals who are on Restrictive Disciplinary Probation as determined by the SUNY Oneonta Standing Disciplinary Board.

*Individuals who are professional athletes in the sport, or sports, in which they compete professionally.

Violations of the above eligibility rules during seasonal play shall cause a team to lose all contests in which the ineligible player was used if the violation is detected before playoffs. Violations of eligibility rules during playoffs shall cause a team to lose the game in which the player is detected.

Code of Conduct Basis Statement

A contest can be very important to an individual participant or team, but this should not become so overbearing so as to preclude humanistic civilized behavior. Any individual or group who is guilty of flagrant misconduct by intimidating opponents, use of profanity, and/or not acting in a manner favorable to the purpose, object, and intent of Intramurals in an intramural contest, has automatically suspended themselves from further participation. Physical or verbal use is not a part of any Intramural Program and therefore will not tolerated. An individual ejected from a game for any inappropriate conduct is automatically out for at least the next game & possible more. That individual must present a verbal written statement to the Intramural Director explaining the situation and why the individual should be allowed to continue play. Teams and/or individuals involved in a fight will be dropped from the IM Program. Conduct rules must be upheld before, during and after game contest.

Informal Drop-In Program

Purpose and Objective: The informal drop-in program is designed to meet the needs of individuals who desire to participate and work out their own, according to their own personal schedule preference. The department is dedicated to serving the campus clientele seeking a daily, biweekly physical/emotional outlet; for these individuals, minimal organization or formal structure is required. Court reservations, fitness and dance rooms, swimming, and challenge courts for pick-up games on a drop-in basis are the backbone of informal participation.

Students, faculty, and staff are all eligible for the drop-in program, facilities, and services during a variety of times. Locker facilities, pool, gymnasiums, and exercise fitness rooms are additional services provided for all to use. Team activities such as volleyball and basketball are popular as are the individual sports of aerobics, dancing, weightlifting and fitness workouts.

The IM facilities, which include various fields and indoor courts, were designed to serve a multitude of interests. The several gyms, racquetball courts, three exercise fitness rooms, a running track and a variety of other recreational space allow for a number of students to participate simultaneously.

Intramural Roster Requirement

*Teams and participants entering intramural competition are required to create an account on IMLeagues.com.

*No person shall play on more than one team in a particular sport, e.g., a person may not play on two touch football teams.

Forfeit Policy

In all sports, a $20.00 forfeit fee will be assessed. The fee is refunded at the end of the particular sport if the team has not forfeited 2 games. A team is still eligible for play even after forfeiting the $20.00 fee.

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