Track Coach Headed to Winter Olympics

SUNY Oneonta Cross Country/Track & Field Head Coach Brett Willmott will have a front-row seat for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, as one of the coaches for the USA Skeleton team.

Student Research Project to Assess Local Health Challenges

A new project developed by SUNY Oneonta's Psychology and Sociology departments is giving six students an applied-learning experience in the fields of health and human services while also looking to alleviate some serious community health problems.

Music Industry Student Wins Competitive Award

SUNY Oneonta junior and music industry major Daniel Reid had a rock-star experience last week at a global music products trade show in California, which he attended for free as the winner of a prestigious scholarship.

Dr. Barbara Jean Morris Appointed as SUNY Oneonta's Next President

The State University of New York Board of Trustees today appointed Dr. Barbara Jean Morris as president of SUNY Oneonta, effective on or about July 1, 2018.

Come Visit Us!

Take a campus tour, attend an information session, sit in on a class or attend one of our special events for admitted students.

Company Licenses Faculty Member’s Invention

The Geneseo-based startup company Verdimine has signed an exclusive license agreement with the Research Foundation for The State University of New York to employ a green chemistry process invented by Associate Professor of Chemistry Jacqueline Bennett.


I deal with any event that happens at the Eagles stadium. In the off-season, I’m in charge of any audiovisual needs for events that happen there, like a company holiday party or season ticketholder party. During the season, I’m in charge of everything a fan might see once they enter for a game, every little piece on the digital side in the stadium.
What really drew me to Oneonta was the mass communications department because there is just so much. When I visited and saw the TV studio in IRC and all the equipment, I was like, "‘We have lighting kits?!" And when I toured the Mass Comm department and saw the plethora of classes we can take, that’s when it hit me. Other schools only had, like, two media classes, but I wanted more.
I chose SUNY Oneonta because they had a music industry major and also because I was always very into theater. A lot of the other schools I applied to that had music industry wouldn’t allow non-theater majors to audition for shows. I wanted to have the option to do a bunch of different things.
I love telling the story of meeting my freshman-year roommate. We still live together now, and we have our first apartment together. When I first met her, it was over Facebook. We never met until our first night. … and we live together three years later!
I met my friend group freshman year in Hulbert Hall. We literally all just bonded and connected, and we’re still friends. We used to move to the same dorm every year together. We still have Sunday dinners off-campus just to stay close with each other.
Freshman year, I signed up for the GEOFYRST trip and that was an amazing experience because it really got me into geology. I actually was able to make a close group of friends from that, so I already had people to go to the dining hall with the first week of classes because we had camped together and bonded.
I was drawn to the campus -- the scenery and how pretty everything was. I wanted to get away from the city atmosphere and was ready for something a little more slow-paced. Who wants to see skyscrapers all day when you can have trees and different colored leaves and the change of seasons?
I chose SUNY Oneonta after sitting in on an Anatomy and Physiology class here. The professor asked a question, and a student raised their hand, and the professor called them by their name. That was a very pivotal moment for me and very different from other schools I was looking at. I knew that, if I came here, I would be more than just a number.
With my major, I’ve learned so much about children, their families and cultures and what affects them. If you see yourself doing something like that, Child and Family Studies is the major for you. It’s very specific. You have to do an internship to graduate, and I think that’s good to get out into the field and see if you like it.
For the spring 2017 semester, I studied in Gold Coast, Australia, and that was an amazing, amazing experience. That following summer, I interned in Dublin, Ireland. Because I had all the study abroad experience, I got the Peer Mentor position on campus, and I really enjoy that because I love to meet new people and see different cultures.
I lived in Littell, an FYE hall, during my freshman year, and I liked it a lot. You can open your door and the hallway’s right there. People walk by and say, "Oh my god, I love that band you have a poster of!" It’s a great way of meeting people because it’s so welcoming.
I really like the professors I’ve had. The Criminal Justice program is a lot more hands-on here than where I transferred from.

Fast Facts

Campus Population
Campus Population
6,056 Total Enrollment
35 to 65 Male/Female Ratio
SUNY Oneonta Location
SUNY Oneonta is located in Central New York in the city of Oneonta (pop. 14,000),
about halfway between Albany and Binghamton.
Graduation Rate
Graduation Rate
Six-Year Graduation Rate: 72%
Full-Time Faculty
433, full & part time
85% of full-time faculty with highest degrees in their field
22% students of color
Diverse Population
22% students of color
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