To understand how deeply we care about academics, look no further than the college's mission statement. It's just one sentence long, but it speaks volumes:

SUNY Oneonta unites excellence in teaching, scholarship, civic engagement, and stewardship to create a student-centered learning community.

Our determination to provide a stimulating, rigorous environment and hands-on, high-impact learning has made Oneonta a premier school within the SUNY system. This is also why we tend to attract students and teachers who want small classes, undergraduate research opportunities, and plenty of student-faculty interaction.

The SUNY Oneonta curriculum is flexible, diverse and challenging, with resources to match all kinds of interests. We offer more than 100 majors, minors, and cooperative programs, each designed to prepare you for successful careers or grad school.

As a college dedicated to teaching, learning and scholarship, we'll challenge, nurture and perhaps even inspire you. That's our promise. Along the way, we'll help create an Oneonta experience that's as unique as you are.

The GEOFYRST Experience
Study Abroad
With faculty-led field courses, exchange programs on four continents, and access to more than 600 study abroad programs, the world is your classroom.
Test drive a career and get real-world, resume-worthy experience in your field of study with an internship in the Oneonta region, New York City or even abroad.

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