Special Admissions Programs

Access and Opportunity Programs

Access and Opportunity Programs (AOP) are designed to provide access for New York State residents who show academic potential, talent and desire to earn a college degree. AOP assists students who are both academically and financially disadvantaged and provides a variety of services to support your success. All students admitted through AOP receive financial assistance and attend a month-long Summer Academy, where they make friends, become familiar with the campus and prepare for a successful transition to college. The Office of Access and Opportunity Programs provides continuing support services, including peer mentors, tutoring, a lending library, alumni networking and more.

SUNY Oneonta offers three distinct Access and Opportunity Programs:

  • The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is a New York State program designed to admit students who do not meet the traditional standards for admissions but have the desire, potential and talent to earn a college degree. Students admitted through EOP must demonstrate both financial and academic disadvantages.
  • The Access to College Excellence program (ACE) is a SUNY Oneonta program designed to admit and support first-generation college students from New York State who are both academically and financially disadvantaged and who have the desire and potential to earn a college degree
  • The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) is a federally funded scholarship program specifically designed to support students from migrant and seasonal farm working families in the pursuit of higher education. SUNY Oneonta is the only school in New York State to host a CAMP program. Each year, we facilitate access to college for up to 25 students annually through recruitment, application help and financial assistance. Once students enroll, we continue to support their success through academic skill building, emotional and social adjustment support, and community development.

Guaranteed Admission

Guaranteed admission offers students an opportunity to reapply to SUNY Oneonta after completing at least two semesters of college coursework elsewhere while maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better. We ask that you connect with us before enrolling in these courses. Our goal is to help you graduate on time, so we are here to help with course selection to ensure that you stay on track. Please contact admissions@oneonta.edu or 800-SUNY-123 with any questions.


As a School of National Service, SUNY Oneonta recognizes alumni of the federal AmeriCorps program. We will waive the application fee for AmeriCorps alumni and defer their start date for up to one year of service in AmeriCorps. We will also award up to five $1,000 scholarships to alumni who receive the Segal Education Award.

For more information about applying as an AmeriCorps participant or alumnus, please contact admissions@oneonta.edu or 800-SUNY-123.


We understand that sometimes, circumstances intervene, and students leave college without finishing their degree. That’s why we have an easy readmission process for both undergraduate and graduate students. If you have withdrawn from SUNY Oneonta, been dismissed due to academic performance or failed to return after a leave of absence, you may be eligible to apply for readmission.

Students who wish to return to SUNY Oneonta and who have not yet earned a SUNY Oneonta degree must apply for readmission.

Learn more about applying for readmission as an undergraduate student

Matriculated graduate students who did not earn a SUNY Oneonta graduate degree or certificate and who withdrew, were administratively withdrawn, or were academically dismissed must apply for readmission.

Learn more about applying for readmission as a graduate student

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