Fitzelle walkway
2016 Commencement
Studying in Physical Science

Whether you’re transferring from a small community college or a large university, Oneonta is a great place to continue your academic journey. In fact, 30% of our full-time students began their studies at Oneonta as transfers.

Our four schools offer 59 majors and programs and over 70 minors, each designed to prepare students for successful careers or grad school. We’re the perfect size: big enough to be exciting, and small enough to be personal. On campus, you’ll get the best of both academic worlds: small classes and personal attention, plus top-notch facilities, like our digital planetarium, professional TV studio and human anatomy lab.

Our campus community is warm and welcoming, with more than 150 student organizations matching a variety of interests. To help you make a smooth transition to life at Oneonta, our Office of New Student Services offers special Transfer Services, programs, and events, as well as a Facebook group for transfer students.

We invite you to come for a visit, and if Oneonta seems like the right place for you, we look forward to working with you on your application. Connect with us at any time along the way—we’re here to help!

Dustin Pennington
I transferred to SUNY Oneonta because it was one of the few schools in New York with a meteorology program. I transferred from a bigger campus, but here the professors were very focused on the undergraduate students and there’s great opportunity for research and presentation, which is very uncommon – across the nation – at the undergraduate level.
Fernando Pena
A moment that stands out was Pass Through the Pillars. Getting to see everyone cheering for you was so welcoming. A lot of the people I met there I ended up becoming good friends with. It’s a cool introduction to campus – you’re standing by the pillars that overlook all of campus, right near Fitzelle and Fine Arts, and it’s this big celebration. I’ll pass back through when I graduate, but I don’t want to leave yet.
Karin Jacobson
Everything I’ve learned in my courses I’ve been able to apply in real life, especially going into the community and mentoring for the local GED program. I worked with three underprivileged students for a year, helping them prepare. It was really rewarding to be able to help them navigate and get ready for the test.
Kyle Dudgeon
One of my best experiences so far was getting to travel to New Orleans in February with a class for the wetlands restoration trip. We spent a week in the wetlands, being immersed in the culture there. It was an incredible time with even better people--an experience I surely won’t forget. I am returning next year to be a TA on the trip.