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The dry weather is speeding the Hunt Union / Bugbee Road Project right along. Contractors have removed the forms from the gate at lower right.
Rainwater Vaults
Contractors install the underground runoff chambers at the west end of the Hunt Parking Lot. These chambers are designed to hold up to 50,000 gallons of water that runs off from the parking lot due to rainfall or snowmelt. The impounded water will then partly infiltrate into the ground and partly be slowly released into the normal stormwater drainage to Silver Creek. This is good and necessary because one inch of rain on the west side of this lot will generate 42,000 gallons of runoff all by itself!
Jigwall Puzzle
Contractors do a Jigwall Puzzle at Hunt Union to reconstruct the stone skin of a retaining wall on the north end of the building.
Chase partuition
The Chase Gym Partitions reaching parturition, but affecting no part of tuition.
Stairwell gone
The stairs that led from the end of the Fitzelle Bridge have fallen to the Big Eraser, and replaced by a connecting sidewalk to the Welcome Center Crosswalk or the lateral Hunt Union Crosswalk.
The first course, but not soup & salad. Rather a liberal layer of asphalt to start the surface treatment of the Hunt Union Parking Lot.

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Last updated 7/9/2019 9 AM

  • The dry weather is speeding our outdoor projects right along - kind of what we hoped for, although the farmers and gardeners could sure use some rain.
  • See the Featured Projects page in the Menu to the left for a list of major projects and a map of campus with detours and other information. Contact us at if you have questions or concerns.

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