Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors help new students adjust to college life, overcome obstacles in their education and in their lives, utilize campus resources, and take part in a college living environment. Peer Mentors help with airport pickups, Orientations, and provide guidance to new students throughout the first semester.

Meet The Office of Global Education (OGE) Peer Mentors

Angie Tran


OGE Peer Mentor
Year: Senior
Major: Childhood Education (1-6): Concentration in Liberal Arts

About Me: I was born in the U.S. to two Vietnamese immigrants so growing up, I spoke both Vietnamese and English. My hobbies are hiking, painting, and watching movies. I love getting to know people, their experiences, and what they can bring to conversations. 

Something on my bucket list: Traveling around the world and learning another language fluently

Why I wanted to become a Peer Mentor: I had the privilege to meet two peer mentors, one being my own, and they positively impacted my life in Oneonta. Thanks to them, I ended up making friends and feeling like they gave me a place to belong. I wanted to become a peer mentor to hopefully help other students just as those two peer mentors did for me.

Advice to international students: Get into clubs and go to campus events! That is probably the best way to make friends outside the classroom. The library, especially on the higher floors, are one of my favorite places to study since it's so quiet and you can grab some tea and a treat at Argo!

Maddie Breen

Peer Mentor: Maddie Breen

OGE Peer Mentor
Year: Junior
Major: Childhood Education with an English concentration

About Me: I'm studying childhood education to become a teacher, but I also am looking into working internationally to teach English so I am considering doing my masters in something like ESL!

Something on my bucket list: Travel around the globe (:

Why I wanted to become a Peer Mentor: I met the former international students whilst I wasn't a peer mentor, but I loved being around them and learning about where they came from, so when I learned the position was looking for students, I jumped on the opportunity!  

Advice to international students: We at OGE are here to support YOU! Take this opportunity to ask us questions, explore new things, and get involved on campus! Take opportunities to explore this new place you're in by going to an event or traveling! 

Sambath Lim

Sambath Lim

OGE Peer Mentor
Year: Senior
Major: Music Industry

About Me: I was born and raised in Cambodia for most of my life until I moved to the U.S. for college. I can speak four languages, Khmer, English, Mandarin, and Vietnamese. I'm also really into music and live shows, any chance I get to go to any concert, I will definitely take it!

Something on my bucket list: Traveling around Europe

Why I wanted to become a Peer Mentor: I had friends that were previous Peer Mentors and I've always hung around with international students, so that made it easier for me to connect with them. My first Peer Mentor made it easy for me to transition to the culture here, which I am grateful for and I hope I am able to do the same for my mentees.

Advice to international students: Join clubs and find a scene where your interests lie in. Going to more campus events will definitely be a main way of making friends!


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