Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors help new students adjust to college life, overcome obstacles in their education and in their lives, utilize campus resources, and take part in a college living environment. Peer Mentors help with airport pickups, Orientations, and provide guidance to new students throughout the first semester.

Office of Global Education (OGE) Peer Mentors


Peiying Wang

Peiying Wang

OGE Peer Mentor
Year: Senior
Major: Digital and Studio Art, Graphic Design

About Me: I enjoy meeting new people and helping them have an uplifting experience. I can be an introvert and an extrovert at the same time.

Something on my bucket list: Traveling around the world and photographing along the way.

Why I wanted to become a Peer Mentor: I wanted to become a Peer Mentor because I like cultural exchange with people from different countries. As a Peer Mentor, I have a chance to connect and help students who are new to the cultural environment.

Advice to international students: Study but don't just study. Seek a good balance between academic and social life. Be open-minded!


Fenghua Zhao

Fenghua Zhao

OGE Peer Mentor
Year: Junior
Major: Fashion and Textiles

About Me: My name is Fenghua Zhao, major in Fashion and textiles. I am a junior starting this Fall 2021. As an OGE Peer Mentor, I am also an international student myself.

Something on my bucket list:

1. Visiting all the people I've ever met.

2. Buying a house on a lake.

3. Owning a quiet dog and cat.

Why I wanted to become a Peer Mentor: During my first year as an international student and freshman at SUNY Oneonta, I received a lot of help from the OGE Peer Mentors and the Global Education Office. I hope I have the opportunity to repay all the kindness shown to me. On the other hand, helping to establish connections between international students and American students is very meaningful. I'm excited to be a Peer Mentor.

Advice to international students:

1. Make friends and don't be shy.

2. Learn  to use school resources.

3. Be kind.

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