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Interns Discover American Eel 440 Miles From Home

Summer interns at the SUNY Oneonta Biological Field Station in Cooperstown stumbled upon a surprise recently when they caught a 12-inch American eel more than 440 miles from the ocean in a habitat from which the species was thought to have been extirpated.

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Students Help With Hurricane Recovery

SUNY Oneonta students are making a difference in Puerto Rico this summer, assisting in recovery efforts after Hurricane Maria destroyed much of the U.S. territory’s lush landscape and many homes.

New President Takes Office

SUNY Oneonta welcomed its eighth president, Barbara Jean Morris, on July 2. President Morris comes to SUNY Oneonta from her position as provost and vice president for academic affairs at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. In a campus-wide message, President Morris said that it is “a thrill and an honor to inherit a strong and vibrant college,” adding that she looks forward to the challenge of leading SUNY Oneonta.

Downtown Oneonta Full of Alumni-Owned Businesses

Did you know that many beloved Downtown Oneonta businesses are run by Oneonta alumni?


I just got my first WONY radio show, which is so exciting. It’s all feel-good music and music I’ve been listening to during the past week. I get callers making requests and I have some guests in the station. … I love radio -- I found my niche in the music industry. I would love to be an announcer for a radio show one day.
What really drew me to Oneonta was the mass communications department because there is just so much. When I visited and saw the TV studio in IRC and all the equipment, I was like, "‘We have lighting kits?!" And when I toured the Mass Comm department and saw the plethora of classes we can take, that’s when it hit me. Other schools only had, like, two media classes, but I wanted more.
During my college process, I visited many schools -- 17, actually. I just knew Oneonta was the one from the very beginning. I stepped onto campus and I knew I was at home. The entire campus is beautiful and clean, and all the faculty, staff and students I met were very welcoming. I just knew I belonged.
Compared to some schools, you really get to know your professors here, and they get to know you. I refer to this place as home even though it isn’t really, because it just gives that vibe.
I was drawn to the campus -- the scenery and how pretty everything was. I wanted to get away from the city atmosphere and was ready for something a little more slow-paced. Who wants to see skyscrapers all day when you can have trees and different colored leaves and the change of seasons?
I chose SUNY Oneonta because they had a music industry major and also because I was always very into theater. A lot of the other schools I applied to that had music industry wouldn’t allow non-theater majors to audition for shows. I wanted to have the option to do a bunch of different things.
I transferred to SUNY Oneonta because it was one of the few schools in New York with a meteorology program. I transferred from a bigger campus, but here the professors were very focused on the undergraduate students and there’s great opportunity for research and presentation, which is very uncommon – across the nation – at the undergraduate level.
When I was a freshman, I participated in a faculty-led trip to Bolivia about international development and culture there. That was a life-changing opportunity for me. We learned a lot about politics and culture, and we used what we learned in class in the field.
Being an RA has been a challenge in a good way. It teaches you responsibility. It taught me a lot about myself and what I want to do after graduation. It was the greatest experience I could have ever gotten because I fell so many times, but it made me strong. It made me who I am today.
For the spring 2017 semester, I studied in Gold Coast, Australia, and that was an amazing, amazing experience. That following summer, I interned in Dublin, Ireland. Because I had all the study abroad experience, I got the Peer Mentor position on campus, and I really enjoy that because I love to meet new people and see different cultures.
With my major, I’ve learned so much about children, their families and cultures and what affects them. If you see yourself doing something like that, Child and Family Studies is the major for you. It’s very specific. You have to do an internship to graduate, and I think that’s good to get out into the field and see if you like it.
Freshman year, I signed up for the GEOFYRST trip and that was an amazing experience because it really got me into geology. I actually was able to make a close group of friends from that, so I already had people to go to the dining hall with the first week of classes because we had camped together and bonded.

Fast Facts

Average Class Size
Average Class Size
24 students
Excluding internships, independent studies, practicums
and partial-term courses
of the 2015 freshman class returned in 2016
Student to Faculty Ratio
Student/Faculty Ratio
18:1 students per one faculty
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