Career Outcomes

Stacy Zuniga ’20 is enrolled at New York University in the Event Management program and works as a programming and events graduate assistant in the Office of Global Inclusion.
Stacy Zuniga ’20 is enrolled at New York University in the Event Management program and works as a programming and events graduate assistant in the Office of Global Inclusion.
Natalie Costanza
Natalie Costanza ’20 (Media Studies/Music Industry) is earning a master’s in Music Industry Administration at California State University and doing an internship with Infected Mushroom, an electronic music group.
Austin Teitelbaum
Austin Teitelbaum ’19 (Media Studies and Theatre) is working at the Food Network as a production assistant
Yahayra Colon ’19 (Criminal Justice) is a customs and border patrol officer with the Department of Homeland Security.
Yahayra Colon ’19 (Criminal Justice) is a customs and border patrol officer with the Department of Homeland Security.
Pat Cammer '19
Pat Cammer '19 (Fashion and Textiles) Patrick Cammer moved out west after landing a job at Teton Village Sports, the oldest specialty outdoor retailer and ski shop in Jackson Hole, Wyo. In the summer, he works at Rendezvous River Sports, a kayak outfitter.

SUNY Oneonta students are well prepared for life after college. By the time they hit senior year, nearly three-fourths have been involved in at least two high-impact learning experiences—like studying abroad, doing research with a faculty member, participating in a service-learning project, or completing an internship. These powerful experiences will not only help you discover what you really want to do, they'll give you the tools to succeed—whether that means launching a fulfilling career, or continuing your education.

Kevin Colella '20


Kevin Colella '20 is an 8th-grade Spanish teacher at Saratoga Springs Middle School. He is also enrolled in SUNY Oneonta’s online Masters of Science in Educational Technology program


Sandra Williams '19


Sandra Williams

After graduating from Oneonta, Sandra landed a job working for Initiative, a global media agency that was recently named to Ad Age's 2021 list of Best Places to Work. At Initiative, Sandra is an associate media planner, working specifically with beverage company Keurig Dr Pepper to help plan advertising placements across media channels.

Erika Scire '19

Graduate Assistant at Stony Brook University, Office of Student Engagement and Activities

“I’ll graduate from Stony Brook in May 2021 with a master’s in Higher Education/Higher Education Administration. My time at Oneonta helped me realize I could make a career out of student involvement and leadership. I would absolutely say that everything I was involved in and all the people I was lucky enough to work with at Oneonta have helped me to be in this position today!””

Erika Scire '19

Donglei Li ’18


Donglei Li

“I’m applying what I learned at SUNY Oneonta to my position, from both inside classrooms (intercultural communication class, small group communication) and also outside classroom activities (Resident Community Advisor, Orientation Leader). My main responsibilities are working with student clubs and supporting them, as well as overseeing the Blue Oasis, a student community space."

Jamal Wiltshire '18


“I'm very excited and happy! And it's all thanks to the experience I got at Oneonta in criminal justice classes and clubs. The criminal justice program prepared me for the law enforcement field by giving me real-life experience through ridealongs with the Otsego County Deputy Sheriffs, in which I got to see the many types of interactions between officers and civilians. I also learned the different processes and steps in in how to arrest, process, arraign and book a suspected criminal. I even learned how to handle and deal with potential active shooter threats through the Oneonta Criminal Justice Club and Delhi Police Department, another great asset to my future career.”

Jamal Wiltshire


Julia “Goolia”
If you’ve ever wondered how to cook spaghetti inside a meatball or wanted to see a giant Cheetos mozzarella stick being made, SUNY Oneonta alumna Julia “Goolia,” Class of 2012, is your girl.
Scott Harris
The most important lesson for any aspiring songwriter is networking. You might meet someone in college who’s a freshman when you’re a senior, and that might end up being the most talented person you’ve ever met. I have a friend I graduated with who works at Columbia Records now, and we work together. Never count anybody out.
Steve Almeida
Steve Almeida has combined a background in economics, communication and law to create an unconventional career path.
Cassie Treen
Whether it’s bringing a new office space to life or organizing a CHOmobile yogurt giveaway at a community food festival, Cassie Treen ’09 has put her project management skills to work for nearly a decade at Chobani.
Noah Rakoski
Noah Rakoski’s love affair with music began as a 3-year-old clanging pots and pans. By about age 13, he knew he wanted to be a record producer. And after stints as a SUNY Oneonta Funk Band saxophonist, talent manager, marketer and entrepreneur, that’s exactly what he became.
Rie Yamakawa
As executive assistant to the chairman/CEO at Casio America Inc. in New Jersey, Rie Yamakawa translates documents between Japanese and English in executing business requirements, and serves as an interpreter for visitors from the electronics company’s main office in Tokyo.
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