Fall Key Dates & Deadlines

Fall 2020 Overview
Course TERM Full Semester 1st Half 2nd Half 1st Mini 2nd Mini 3rd Mini
Start DATE August 24 August 24 October 19 August 24 September 29 November 5
Last Day to Add without Signatures [1] August 30 August 21 October 16 August 21 September 28 November 4
Schedule Adjustment [2] and Elect Pass/Fail August 30 August 30 October 22 August 30 Day following 2nd Class Day following 2nd Class
Last Day to ADD [3] September 4 September 4 Day following 3rd Class Day following 3rd Class Day following 3rd Class Day following 3rd Class
Last Day to DROP with “W” [4] October 23 September 23 November 17 September 15 October 22 December 1
P/F change to Letter November 4 September 28 November 20 September 16 October 23 December 2
End DATE December 15 October 16 December 15 September 28 November 4 December 15

[1] Signatures are required to add a course after this date.

[2] After these dates, late fees apply ($20.00) for all schedule changes and “W” grades are assigned for drops.

[3] You MUST be registered in courses by this date in order to receive credit and grades.

[4] For Withdrawal from the college, go to the Student Development Office, Netzer Administration Building 119.

Fall 2020 Details by Month


20 Thursday:

  • New Student Orientation, advisement and registration begins for new students.

21 Friday:

  • Last day to register. Any student who has not registered by this date will be assessed a $40 Late Registration Fee.

24 Monday: Classes begin.

  • Add/Drop begins online and in the Registrar’s Office (Netzer 130).

28 Friday:

  • Last day to process add/drop in office.

30 Sunday: **ADD/DROP ENDS**

  • After this date, all schedule adjustments (add/drop) for full semester courses will result in a $20 late fee.
  • “W” grades are assigned for dropping a full semester course after this date.
  • Last day to elect PASS/FAIL Grade option.
  • After this date, all Individual Course Enrollment, Independent Study, Internship and Teaching Assistantship forms (3 s.h. or more) will result in a $20 late fee.
  • Last day for students with part-time enrollment to drop a course with no tuition liability.



  • You MUST be registered in a course by this date to receive credit and grades. See chart above for mini and half-semester ADD/DROP deadlines.
  • December 2020 Diploma/Certificate Application and related application fee due in the Registrar’s Office, Netzer 130.
  • College closes after last class.

7 Monday: Labor Day - administrative offices closed.

8 Tuesday: Classes resume.

21 Monday:

  • TAP Certification begins. Students receiving TAP awards must be in full-time DAC (12 s.h. or more of Degree Applicable Credit) to be eligible for TAP. Failure to enroll in full-time DAC will result in the loss of the award.
  • Semester bill: second Installment Plan payment due.


9 Friday:  College closes after last class.

14 Wednesday:  Classes resume.

15 Thursday:   

  • Interim Progress Reports due from faculty.

21 Wednesday:

  • Semester bill: third and final Installment Plan payment due.


  • Last day to drop a full semester course.


5 Thursday:  

  • After this date, all Individual Course Enrollment, Independent Study, Internship and Teaching Assistantship forms (less than 3 s.h.) will result in a $20 late fee.

9 Monday:  

  • Beginning date for Winter and Spring 2021 pre-enrollment.

16 Monday:   

  • Last day for students to make up Incomplete and Pending Grades from Spring and Summer 2020 or to file the Extension of Time Form.

24 Tuesday:  College closes after last evening class.

25 Wednesday:  

  • Last day to withdraw or take a leave of absence from the College. After this date, students must complete all coursework.

30 Monday:  Classes resume.



7 Monday:

  • Last day for faculty to turn in grades for previously assigned Incomplete and Pending Grades or to file an Extension of Time Form.
  • Last day of regular class schedule.

8 Tuesday:  **STUDY DAY, NO CLASSES**

9-15 Wednesday through Tuesday:

Adding/Dropping Full Semester Courses Online

Add/Drop Full Semester Courses online from August 24th 8:00am until August 30th at midnight

No signatures required for course drops.

No signatures required for course adds from August 24th- August 30th, UNLESS:

  • The course is a First Mini or Half Semester Course.
  • The course is closed.
  • The course requires department or instructor approval.
  • The course is reserved for students in a designated major.
  • You have not met the course prerequisite.
  • You have a time conflict.

Students with any of the above problems MUST process signed add/drop forms at the Registrar's Office. All schedule adjustments for full semester courses made after August 30th at midnight require the instructor’s signature.

Note: An instructor adding a name to or deleting a student name from a roster does NOT CONSTITUTE an official add or drop. Students are academically responsible for making all schedule adjustments either on the web or by bringing a signed ADD/DROP form to the Registrar’s Office for processing. Students should always check their schedules carefully.

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