Add verified skills and competencies to your resume with a short, flexible microcredential program from SUNY Oneonta. Whether you're rounding out your degree program, preparing for graduate school, or adding a new skill to advance or change careers, SUNY Oneonta microcredentials are a flexible, convenient way to help you achieve your goals.

Learn skills in months, not years.

Gain credits toward advanced degrees.

Earn a digital badge to display your knowledge.

What is a Microcredential?

A microcredential is a short program that quickly allows you to gain relevant skills that are needed in today’s workforce.

Microcredentials are often structured in groups of three to five courses that can be taken alone or can eventually be “stacked” to earn a degree or certificate. They are designed to help you quickly develop relevant skills to prepare for entry-level employment or per-diem work and can help you gain additional training to advance your career if you are already employed.

SUNY Oneonta’s microcredentials can help you bridge the gap between college and a career, giving you a competitive edge before completing a degree program.

What is a Digital Badge?

Digital badges enhance your professional image and online visibility by showcasing your specialized skills and achievements for prospective and current employers. A badge is a digital representation that you have earned a distinct microcredential, emphasizing your abilities in particular areas that employers seek. You maintain control over how your badges are displayed, making them a valuable addition to your online profiles and resumes. Each badge you earn is part of your personal journey of professional advancement, empowering you to confidently display your ongoing learning and expertise.

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