Philosophy Minor

A minor is a good choice for any student who has a genuine interest in Philosophy but who simply do not have the time or inclination to follow the more rigorous program of studies required for the major. It is especially appealing to students interested in fundamental human concerns as well as those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the methodological issues in their own discipline. Students planning to complete the requirements for this minor must make all arrangements with the Philosophy Department, 160 Fitzelle, 607.436.2456.



1. University rules pertaining to curriculum majors also apply to curriculum minors

  • Minor GPA of at least 2.0
  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade unless offered Pass/Fail only
  • One-half (1/2) of the minor coursework must be completed in residence
  • No more than two courses may overlap between/among all majors/minors; any excess requires additional coursework

2. Check proper course selection, sequence and prerequisite requirements with the department of the minor

Core Courses 9 s.h.

Value: Select one of the following:

  • PHIL 102 Ethics
  • PHIL 107 Philosophies of Art (previously named Philosophies of Art Logic)

Select one of the following:

  • PHIL 103 Critical Thinking
  • PHIL 210 Symbolic Logic (previously named Symbolic Logic Metaphysics)

Select one of the following:

  • PHIL 202 Metaphysics
  • PHIL 220 History of Philosophy I: Ancient Greek Thought
  • PHIL 221 History of Philosophy II: Modern Philosophical Thought

Selections 9 s.h.

Each student is assigned an individual faculty advisor. Ideally, those advisors become mentors and friends. Students are encouraged to work closely with their advisors to select courses which both deepen and broaden their understanding of the field.

TOTAL 18 s.h.

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