Philosophy Department

Life & Death 206 2019 UK
PHIL 206 2019 UK
Life & Death 206 2019 UK
Life & Death 206 2019 UK

SUNY Oneonta 27th Annual
Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

We were honored and excited to have Dr. Carl Elliott deliver the Distinguished Keynote Address on April 21 2023. There was also a talk with Dmitry Bykov, The Fight of Myths: Putin vs. Zelensky on April 22 2023.

About the Department

The Philosophy Department plays a vital role in the SUNY Oneonta community. A diverse and distinguished faculty teach a wide range of courses, providing a solid foundation in both Eastern and Western philosophy. We offer a baccalaureate major with two concentrations: Liberal Arts and Applied Philosophy, and a flexible, liberal arts minor. The major combines well with other fields to form a powerful dual major. It is a particularly good choice for those who may be contemplating business, law, or medical school.

Our Philosophy students receive a lot of one-on-one attention. We sponsor an energetic Philosophy Club and host an Undergraduate Philosophy Conference that attracts students from institutions throughout North America.


Department Chair
Dr. Michael P. Koch
Phone: 607-436-3721
Fax: 607-436-2330

Department Office Assistant
Department Phone: 607.436.2456

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