Life & Death 206 2019 UK
PHIL 206 2019 UK
Life & Death 206 2019 UK
Life & Death 206 2019 UK

Fall 2021: email, call to arrange an online meeting, or visit during scheduled office hours. 

Philosophy Department Office Hours  
MWF 8:00-12:00
TTh   12:30-4:00
Department email:
Dr. Michael Koch Department Chair email:
Philosophy Department Phone: 607.436.2456

About the Department

The Philosophy Department plays a vital role in the college community. A diverse and distinguished faculty teach a wide range of courses, providing a solid foundation in both Eastern and Western philosophy. We offer a baccalaureate major with two concentrations: Liberal Arts and Applied Philosophy, and a flexible, liberal arts minor. The major combines well with other fields to form a powerful dual major. It is a particularly good choice for those who may be contemplating business, law, or medical school.

Our Philosophy students receive a lot of one-on-one attention. We sponsor an energetic Philosophy Club and host an Undergraduate Philosophy Conference that attracts students from institutions throughout North America.


Department Chair
Dr. Michael Koch
Phone: 607-436-3721
Fax: 607-436-2330

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