Auditing A Course

Auditing a course allows you to regularly attend and participate in a course at SUNY Oneonta without formally registering for credit in a course.

Auditing may be appropriate if you are interested in the subject matter but do not have time for the commitment required for graded participation. It is the only way that students not receiving credit are allowed to regularly attend and participate in a course.


  • The course instructor is under no obligation to allow an auditor into a course. The course instructor may cancel the auditing arrangement if the course enrollment capacity is exceeded, or terminate the arrangement at any point during the course.
  • Other than simply attending the course, the extent of auditor participation (taking exams, receiving instructor feedback on papers, etc.) in a course is entirely up to the discretion of the course instructor.
  • The course instructor may require that an auditor has taken prerequisite courses.
  • Auditing is allowed only when there is space in the class that is not needed by students formally registered for the course. If space is limited, any formally registered student, either full- or part-time, who wishes to enter the class prior to the late add deadline must be given preference.
  • Auditing is usually not available in studio, online, laboratory or performance courses, or courses where class participation of students is of major importance, nor are they available in credit-free courses offered by the university or in any foreign study program or course.

Interested in auditing a course?

If you are interested in auditing a course at SUNY Oneonta through the ExCL Center, complete and submit the Audit Request Form.

Audit Request Form

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