Environmental Sustainability Articulation Agreement - SUNY Delhi

SUNY Delhi A.S. Environmental Studies to SUNY Oneonta B.S. Environmental Sustainability

SUNY Transfer Course Equivalency Table
Delhi Course Number Delhi Course Title Delhi Credits Oneonta Course Number Oneonta Course Title Oneonta Credits Oneonta Equivalency
BIOL 110 Environmental Issues and Sustainability 3 ENVS 1010 Intro to Environmental Sustainability 3 Major
MATH 115 Statistics 3 STAT 1010 Introduction to Statistics 3 Related Work
BIOL 130 Biology I 4 BIOL 180 Cells to Organisms 4 General Education
HIST 125/130 Western Civilization 3 HIST 100/101 Western Civilization I/II 3 General Education
BIOL 140 Field Biology 4 BIOL 10E Biology Elective 4 Elective
UNIV 100 Freshman Seminar 1 INTD 10E Elective 1 Elective
BIOL 135 Biology II 4 BIOL 1006 Ecology & Evolution 4 Related Work
ENG 100/200 Composition 3 COMP 1000/2000 Freshman Composition/Advanced Composition 3 General Education
HIST 100/105 American History 3 HIST 144/145 U.S. History I/II 3 General Education
GOVT 110 American Government 3 POLS 121 U.S. Government 3 General Education
MATH 128 College Algebra 3 MATH 104 College Algebra & Trigonometry 3 General Education
ENST 280 Internship 3 ENVS 20E Environmental Elective 3 Elective
COMM 100 Public Speaking 3 COMM 110 Public Speaking 3 General Education
CHEM 120/180 Introduction to Chemistry 4 CHEM 1111 General Chemistry I 4 General Education
ENST 140 Introduction to GIS 3 GEOG 3106 GIS: Principles and Methods 3 Elective
BIOL 245 General Ecology 4 BIOL 2006 Ecology (sub for BIOL 123) 4 Major
GOVT 130 World Affairs 3 POLS 171 Comparative & Int’l Politics 3 General Education
ECON 110 Introductory Microeconom-ics 3 ECON 1111 Principles of Microeconomics 3 General Education
LITR or HUMN H3 3 ALIT; ELIT; WLIT; LITR; MCOM; PHIL; WMST; Gen Ed – mixed choices 3 General Education
ELEC Elective 3 ELEC Elective 3 General Education
Total Credits 63 Total Credits Transferred 63
Remaining credits for BS
(6 LA; 38 UPPR)

The second two years of the program will be completed at SUNY Oneonta. If accepted to SUNY Oneonta, students will be advised by faculty on courses to take for degree completion. Students should use this list as a guide for course-to-course equivalencies. The courses included in this list are for advisement purposes and should not be considered contractual. These courses are part of an articulation agreement; if a student is not enrolled in this specified degree program at their transfer institution, they cannot expect to complete the remaining course of study at SUNY Oneonta within two years. Students may contact a transfer counselor at SUNY Oneonta or their current institution with any questions about these courses.

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