Fashion and Textiles Articulation Agreement - SUNY Ulster

SUNY Ulster A.S. Fashion Design to SUNY Oneonta B.S. Fashion and Textiles

SUNY Transfer Course Equivalency Table
Ulster Course # Ulster Course Title Ulster Credits Oneonta Course # Oneonta Course Title Oneonta Credits Oneonta Equivalency
FAS 101 Intro to Fashion Industry 3 FASH 1200 Quality Analysis of Apparel Products 3 Major
FAS 130 Costume History 3 FASH 2100 History of Costume I 3 Major
FAS 221 Design Studio 3 FASH 4810 Innovations in Wearable Art 3 Major
FAS 110 Apparel Construction 3 FASH 1300 Apparel Construction 3 Major
FAS 120 Apparel Design I 3 FASH 2300 Apparel Design - Flat Pattern 3 Major
FAS 220 Apparel Design II 3 FASH 2800 Apparel Design - Draping 3 Major
ART 212 Fashion Design & Drawing 3 FASH 1800 Fashion Illustration Design 3 Major
FAS 124 Fashion CAD I 3 FASH 10E Fashion 100-level elective 3 Major & Graduation
FAS 215 Textiles 3 FASH 10E Fashion 100-level elective 3 Major & Graduation
ART 213 Fashion Design and Drawing 3 FASH 20E Fashion 200-level elective 3 Major & Graduation
ENG 101 College English I 3 COMP 1000 Basic Composition 3 Major & Gen Ed (BC2)
ENG 102 College English II 3 LITR 1000 Introduction to Literature 3 Gen Ed (AH2)
CHE 101 OR CHE 103 Introductory Chem I OR General Chem I 4 CHEM 100 OR CHEM 111 Chemistry in Everyday Life OR General Chemistry I 4 Major & Gen Ed (NL2)
MAT 105 or Higher Math with М2 GER attribute 3 MATH 10E Math 100-level elective with М2 GER attribute 3 Gen Ed (М2)
COM 103 OR COM 105 Oral Communication OR Presentational Speaking 3 COMM 100 OR COM 220 Intro Speech Сommunication OR Public Speaking 3 Gen Ed (OS2)
LIB 111 Information Literacy 1 INTD 1500 Library Research Methods 1 Graduation
HIS 103 OR HIS 104 American History I OR American History II 3 HIST 144 OR HIST 145 U.S. History I OR U.S. History II 3 Gen Ed (HA2)
ART 107 Art History I 3 ARTH 1100 Survey of Visual Arts I 3 Gen Ed (HW2 AND AA2)
ART 108 Art History II 3 ARTH 1200 Survey of Visual Arts II 3 Gen Ed (AA2) & Major
ART 101 OR ART 220 OR MUS 101 OR MUS 105 Intro to Visual Arts OR History of 20th Century Design OR Music Theory OR Music Appreciation 3 ARTH 10E OR ARTH 10E OR MUSC 2250 OR MUSC 1300 Arts 100-level elective OR Arts 100-level elective OR Music Theory I OR Music for Listeners (HW2) 3 Gen Ed (AA2) & Graduation

Total Credits in Program: 59

Total Credits Transferred: 59

Minimum Remaining Credits Needed for Graduation after Transfer: 63

The Second two years of the program will be completed at SUNY Oneonta. If accepted to SUNY Oneonta, students will be advised by faculty on courses to take for degree completion.

Students should use this list as a guide for course-to-course equivalencies. The courses included in this list are for advisement purposes and should not be considered contractual. These courses are part of an articulation agreement; if a student is not enrolled in this specified degree program at their transfer institution, they cannot expect to complete the remaining course of study at SUNY Oneonta within 2 years. Students may contact a transfer counselor at SUNY Oneonta or their current institution with any questions about these courses.

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