Archaeology Field School

Hands-on Learning at Pine Lake Site

Every other summer, SUNY Oneonta students spend a month sifting through excavated dirt in search of 4,000-year-old cooking hearths, bowls and other evidence of ancient hunter-gatherer communities.

Summer 2017 was the eighth season for the Pine Lake Archaeological Field School, a collaborative effort of SUNY Oneonta and neighboring Hartwick College. SUNY Oneonta provides most of the equipment for the field school, which is held at Hartwick’s Pine Lake Environmental Campus eight miles away in West Davenport, NY. 

The school offers an intense, hands-on experience that gives students valuable skills for employment and graduate school in archaeology and other fields. Working up to eight hours a day, students learn basic methods in field archaeology, including survey and excavation techniques, mapping, and flotation and laboratory analysis.

SUNY Oneonta anthropology Professor Renee Walker and Cindy Klink, an anthropology lecturer at both Hartwick and SUNY Oneonta, co-direct the field school.