Application Process 

Every graduate program is different, so make no assumptions that the application process will be the same for each school. It is your responsibility to read instructions carefully and submit all required information for each program. The following are some general tips to assist you.

Stay on track with the graduate school search & application process by using our timeline as your guide!

Here are some resources to help start graduate school search: Petersons,, Grad Source, and US News & World Report Rankings.

Choose the schools to which you will apply carefully. Non-refundable application fees, plus the cost of National Tests (i.e. GRE, GMAT, DAT, LSAT, PCAT, and MCAT) add up quickly. These test scores are likely due at the time of application, which means taking tests at least two months in advance of deadlines to insure receipt of scores.

The SUNY Oneonta Continuing Education Office in partnership with Cambridge Educational Services offers SUNY Oneonta students and alumni an online GRE prep course at a reduced cost! Learn more here.

If you are interested in financial aid or assistantships and fellowships, inquire about these early. In most cases, they require a different application and are due on a different date.

Read all instructions carefully and keep a checklist of things to do and dates by which all relevant information must be completed. Some of these things include applications (both admission and financial aid), fees, transcripts, references, test scores, samples of previous work, essays and personal interviews.

It is extremely important to fill out forms and applications completely. Take time to make yourself stand out. Do not leave blanks or exclude information that may seem unimportant to you. If asked to list "any additional information not contained elsewhere which you believe the admissions committee should know about", try to develop at least one paragraph that pulls the pieces of your application together.

Some applications request essays or ask questions which require considerable writing. It is important that your response is professionally prepared. Your writing samples will be judged on content, writing skill, accuracy, and neatness. Seek assistance from advisors, the Writing Center or Career Development staff.

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