Chancellor’s Awards & Distinguished Ranks Award Recipients

Distinguished Faculty Ranks

Distinguished Teaching Professorships

1975 Dr. Kent Lawson, Physics

1978 Dr. Philo Wilson, Earth Sciences

1986 Dr. John Kotz, Chemistry

1989 Dr. P. Jay Fleisher, Earth Sciences

1994 Dr. Arthur Palmer, Earth Sciences

1997 Dr. Harry Pence, Chemistry

1998 Dr. John Relethford, Anthropology

1999 Dr. Douglas Shrader, Philosophy

2000 Dr. Patrick Meanor, English

2001 Dr. Ashok Malhotra, Philosophy

2002 Dr. Lawrence Guzy, Psychology

2006 Dr. Peter Di Nardo, Psychology

2009 Dr. James Ebert, Earth Sciences

2018 Dr. Daniel Payne, English

2023 Dr. George Hovis, English

Distinguished Service Professorships

1995 Dr. F. Daniel Larkin, History

2002 Dr. Willard Harman, Biology

2006 Dr. Gretchen Sorin, Cooperstown Graduate Program

2007 Dr. Janet Nepkie, Music

2020 Dr. Jennifer Bueche, Human Ecology

Chancellor's Awards for Excellence

Excellence in Adjunct Teaching

2013 Ms. Cynthia Klink, Anthropology and Ms. Carol Exley, Education

Excellence in Classified Service

2009 Ms. Betty Winchester, Secretary I, Communication and Media

2010 Mr. Dale Couse, Chief Janitor, Maintenance - Custodial

2011 Ms. Donna Baker, Secretary I, Creative Media Services

2013 Kay Gale, Secretary I, Music

2014 Mr. Charles Joe Weaver, Supervising Painter, Maintenance - Trades

2015 Ms. Sharon Paoletti, Agency Program Aide, Office of the Budget

2016 Jean Yaro, Secretary I, Elementary Education and Reading

2017 Steven Eichler, Electrician, Maintenance - Trades

2018 Debra Schwartz, Office Assistant 2, Maintenance - Custodial

2019 Keith Byam, Locksmith, Maintenance - Trades

2020 Rodney Gale, Carpenter, Maintenance - Trades

2023 Lynda Craft, Janitor, Maintenance - Custodial

2024 Kathy Hewlett, Office Assistant, Hunt Union

Excellence in Faculty Service

2004 Mr. Francis O’Mara, Communication and Media

2005 Dr. Achim Koeddermann, Philosophy

2012 Dr. Jerome Blechman, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

2013 Dr. William Simons, History

2014 Dr. Michael Koch, Philosophy

2015 Dr. Theresa Russo, Human Ecology

2016 Dr. John Schaumloffel, Chemistry and Biochemistry

2019 Dr. Robert Compton, Africana and Latino Studies and Political Science

2022 Dr. William R. Wilkerson, Political Science

Excellence in Librarianship

1981 Mrs. Martha Chambers, Head of Special Collections

1989 Miss Christine Bulson, Head of Reference

1999 Miss Kathryn Franco, Librarian

2001 Ms. Elaine Downing, Librarian

2006 Dr. Mary Lynn Bensen, Reference and Instruction Librarian

2008 Ms. Nancy Cannon, Reference and Instruction Librarian

2019 Ms. Michelle Hendley, Reference and Instruction Librarian

2023 Sarah Rhodes, Senior Assistant Librarian

Excellence in Professional Service

1978 Mr. David Brenner, Associate Dean and College Registrar

1996 Dr. Steven Perry, Director of Career Development and Academic Advisement and Mr. Roger B. Sullivan, Director of Admissions

2001 Ms. Carol Blazina, Assistant to the President

2003 Ms. Eileen McClafferty, Director of Academic Advisement and Orientation

2004 Ms. Tracey Ranieri, Associate Athletic Director

2007 Ms. Karen Brown, Director of Admissions

2008 Mr. Thomas Rathbone, Associate Vice President for Facilities

2010 Dr. Mark Rice, Director of Counseling

2011 Ms. Lynda Bassette, Director of Special Programs

2012 Dr. Barton Ingersoll, University Police Chief

2013 Dr. Joanne Curran, Associate Dean of Division of Education and Ms. Kathy Meeker, Director of Grants and Development Office

2014 Dr. Jeanne Miller, Associate Vice President for Student Life and Ms. Elizabeth Tirado, Director of Business Services

2015 Ms. Maureen Artale, College Registrar and Mr. James Greenberg, Director of the Teaching/Learning/Technology Center

2016 Ms. Ellen Blaisdell, Director of Gift Planning and Ms. Monica Grau, Director of New Student Services

2017 Ms. Denise Straut, Director of Sponsored Programs

2018 Ms. Susan Clemons, Controller and Ms. Rebecca Harrington, Health Educator

2019 Ms. Lesley Bidwell, Director of IT Networking and Telecommunications

2021 Chilton Reynolds, Teaching, Learning and Technology Center and William Harcleroad, Student Life and Leadership

2022 Rebecca O'Donnell, College Accountant

2023 Phil Bidwell, Facilities, and Mark English, IT Services

2024 Pathy Leiva, Access and Opportunity Programs, and Diana Moseman, Faculty Center for Teaching, Learning and Scholarship

Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities

2002 Dr. Gretchen Sorin, Cooperstown Graduate Program

2003 Mr. Carleton Clay, Music

2005 Dr. Robert Barstow, Music

2007 Dr. Orlando Legname, Music

2012 Dr. Joseph Pignato, Music

2013 Dr. Susan Bernardin, Women and Gender Studies and English

2014 Dr. Brian Haley, Anthropology

2016 Dr. Gregory Fulkerson, Sociology

2017 Dr. Toke Knudsen, Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics

2018 Dr. Brian Lowe, Sociology

2019 Dr. Izabella Lokshina, Management, Marketing and Information Systems

2020 Dr. Tracy Betsinger, Anthropology

2023 Dr. Marius Munteanu, Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics

2024 Dr. Alanna Rudzik, Anthropology

Excellence in Teaching

1973 Dr. Kent Lawson, Physics, Mr. James Mullen, Art and Mr. Charles Woolever, Geography

1974 Dr. Nelson DuBois, Educational Psychology, Dr. Joan Iversen, History, Dr. Raymond Rainville, Psychology, Mr. Albert Read, Physics and Dr. Edward Tribe, Education

1975 Dr. Willard Harman, Biology, Dr. Charlotte Mendez, English and Dr. H. Laverne Thomas, Mathematics

1976 Dr. P. Jay Fleisher, Earth Science

1977 Dr. Krishan Chopra, Economics and Business, Dr. Billy Leimkuhler, Education and Dr. Philo Wilson, Earth Science

1978 Dr. Hoyt Jackson, Political Science and Dr. Robert Phillips, Biology

1979 Dr. Bruce Dayton, Biology, Dr. John Kotz, Chemistry and Dr. Arthur Palmer, Earth Science

1980 Dr. Thomas Gergel, Geography and Dr. Patricia Gourlay, English

1981 Dr. Urmil Chopra, Economics and Business and Dr. Robert Simmonds, Earth Science

1983 Dr. Robert Porter, Education

1985 Dr. Stephen Berman, Earth Science

1986 Dr. William Pietraface, Biology

1987 Dr. Harry Pence, Chemistry

1989 Dr. Laura Bukovsan, Biology and Dr. Lorraine Platka-Bird, Home Economics

1990 Dr. Joseph Tausta, Chemistry

1991 Dr. Jerome Blechman, Earth Sciences and Dr. Douglas Shrader, Philosophy

1992 Dr. Loraine Tyler, Home Economics

1993 Dr. James Ebert, Earth Sciences, Dr. Lawrence Guzy, Psychology and Dr. James Preston, Anthropology

1994 Dr. Ashok Malhotra, Philosophy, Ms. Yolanda Sharpe, Art and Mr. Norman Wesley, English

1995 Dr. Peter DiNardo, Psychology and Dr. John Relethford, Anthropology

1996 Dr. Patrick Meanor, English and Dr. Jeanne Simonelli, Anthropology

1997 Dr. Douglas Fielder, Physics and Astronomy and Dr. Paul Scheele, Political Science

1999 Dr. Michael Lynch, Political Science

2000 Dr. Craig Bielert, Psychology

2001 Ms. Nancy Callahan, Art, Dr. Arthur Dauria, Communication and Media and Dr. June Edwards, Education

2002 Dr. William Simons, History

2003 Mr. Paul Jensen, Communication and Media

2004 Dr. Tracy Allen, Geography and Dr. Richard Lee, English

2005 Dr. Gwen Crane, English

2006 Dr. Cynthia Falk, Cooperstown Graduate Program, Dr. Julie Freeman, History and Dr. Paul Lilly, English

2007 Dr. David Manes, Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics

2008 Dr. Stephen Walsh, Management, Marketing and Information Systems, Dr. Donna Vogler, Biology and Dr. William Ashbaugh, History

2009 Dr. Renee Walker, Anthropology and Dr. Brian Beitzel, Educational Psychology and Counseling

2010 Dr. Cynthia Lassonde, Elementary Education and Reading

2011 Dr. Devin Castendyk, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

2012 Dr. Daniel Payne, English

2013 Dr. William Walker, Cooperstown Graduate Program and Dr. Nathan Gonyea, Educational Psychology, Counseling and Special Education

2014 Dr. Leslie Hasbargen, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Dr. Charlene Christie, Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies and Dr. William Vining, Chemistry and Biochemistry

2015 Dr. Charles Ragozzine, Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics, Dr. Todd Ellis, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Dr. Kjersti VanSlyke-Briggs, Secondary Education and Educational Technology

2016 Dr. Thomas Beal, History, Dr. Karen Joest, Human Ecology and Dr. Joshua Palmatier, Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics

2017 Dr. Sean Robinson, Biology and Dr. George Hovis, English

2018 Dr. Keith Jones, Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics, Dr. April Harper, History and Dr. Sallie Han, Anthropology

2019 Dr. Amie Doughty, English, Dr. Gina Keel, Political Science and Dr. Florian Reyda, Biology

2020 Dr. Laura Munteanu, Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistic and Dr. Philip Sirianni, Economics, Finance and Accounting

2021 Dr. Melissa Godek, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

2022 Dr. Simona Giura, Business, Dr. Sarah Portway, Human Ecology, and Dr. Sasha R. Ramlal, Elementary Education and Reading

2023 Dr. Maria Cristina Montoya, Foreign Languages + Literatures, and Dr. Mine Ozer, Business

2024 Dr. Jeffery Heilveil, Biology, Dr. Kpoti Kitissou, Economics, and Dr. Wilson Lin, Business

Student Excellence

1998 Glenn Barbeisch, Joy Blakeslee and Cindy Mae Harper

1999 Kristin Connelly and Mark Mucci

2000 Elizabeth Koenig, Erin McCulley and Michael Oakes

2001 David Fyfe, Craig Scott, Mitchell Waters and Lut Wong

2002 Nathaniel Berliner

2003 Ann Cheney, Richard Dworak, Sandra Finn, Christy Frembes, Sandra Knutti, Elayne Mosher, Tim Naples, Lizbeth Oppenheimer, Brooke Ranes, Alison Sturm, Tristen Weaver and Denora Williams

2004 Kelly Adams, Kelly Covert, Brian Foster, Alina Graham and Jeremy Wyckoff

2005 Erick Adame, Neville Campbell, Sarah Courtney, Stephanie Gross and Luke Kitchen

2006 Jessica Grabedian, Aubrynn Nealis, Teresa Tartaglione, Alexander Vito and Aimee Wolons

2007 Stefanie DeMonaco, Jason Gardner, Anna Legname, Kyra McTighe, Michael Reale and Christopher Rooney

2008 Veronica Acevedo, Kathryn Burkhardt, Elizabeth Cousineau, Jennifer Fernandez, Jennifer Foster and Matthew Harrington

2009 Carleigh Bettiol, Amanda Carmichael, Sarah Cascone and Dennis Dorf

2010 Claire Albertson, Julie Dewey, Kelly Wasilewski and Wilkin Cabrers

2011 Ayesha Qamar, Kristin Santiago, Nickeema Cox and Zisham Qamar Wariach

2012 Michelle Linder, Alyson Marmet, Jared Reynolds and Curtis Walker

2013 Emily Hunter and Dylan Nealis

2014 Mifuyo Otsuka, Ashley Chufa Ly, Raymond Boss and Kaylee Hurzog

2015 Marvin Rodriguez, Colton Cox and John Anthony Barnas

2016 Samuel Afriyie, Melissa Haig and Kevin Sutton

2017 Daniela Gutierrez, Spriha Sanjay, Rachel Shine and Jillian Young

2018 Kayla Belush, Daniel Prince, Jonelle Reyes and Anthony Vecere

2019 James Bethel, Madeline Frank, Rosario Rodriguez and Karly Schuhart

2020 Alexa Amalbert, Daniel Loos, Katherine Martinez-Munoz and Timothy Nolan

2021 Arene Daziah Holston

2022 Gabrielle Cecere, Alexa Laska, Teresa Lopez-Long and Alyssa Carbone

2023 Jamie Crique, Melissa Rose Garrecht and Robert Lang

2024 Dasia Harrigan, Olivia Schuler and Graham Wooden

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