Local Award Committees

The Professional Service Awards Committee reviews nominations for the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Professional Service. Human Resources reviews nominations, using a separate process, for the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Classified Service. The Student Chancellor’s Award Committee reviews nominations for the Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence. The Academic Awards Committee reviews nominations for all other Chancellor's Awards and Distinguished Faculty and Librarian Rank Awards. The guidelines for these awards are available on the information page for each award.

Committees understand the importance of process transparency. As such, Oneonta’s website for Chancellor’s Awards provides the local guidelines, SUNY Guidelines, and rating sheets which are used locally to evaluate nominations. The campus community will be invited to submit nominations through various channels for these awards.

Committee chairs, with the support of the President’s Office staff, will host workshops for the campus community and encourage nominations.

Committee members may not (a) provide letters of reference or (b) nominate candidates for any award reviewed by the committee(s) on which the member currently serves.

Committee members are required to keep all meeting materials and discussions confidential. 

Committee memberships, with the exception of student members, are public information and are available from the Office of the President.

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