Chemistry and Biochemistry Facilities & Resources

Liquid Chromatograph
Liquid Chromatograph
NMR Autosampler
NMR Autosampler
Mason Lampron using nmr
Student researcher prepares to use NMR
Students in the lab

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry shares the newly renovated Physical Science Building with the departments of Physics and Astronomy, and Anthropology. All facilities and instrumentation are available for use by students, with training beginning your freshman year. Facilities include:

Laboratory Spaces

  • Six teaching laboratories for general, organic, analytical, physical, inorganic and biochemistry;
  • A suite of five student and faculty research laboratories; and
  • Four equipment and instrument rooms.
  • Each teaching laboratory contains a smartboard.


  • JEOL 400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer
  • GC-MS: Varian Saturn 2100 GC/MS/MS with 8410 Autosampler
  • Perkin-Elmer Lambda II Dual-Beam Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer (UV-VIS)
  • Agilent High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph System
  • Agilent ICP-OES
  • Nicolet IS10 FTiR
  • Photon Technologies Spectrofluorometer
  • Perkin Elmer Spectrofluorometer
  • Seven diode array UV-VIS Spectrometers for spectroscopic measurements
  • BAS EC Electrochemical Analyzer
  • CEM-Microwave Accelerated Reaction System for heavy metals analysis
  • Perkin-Elmer Digital Polarimeter
  • Thermo Scientific Ion Chromatograph
  • Parr Solution and Bomb Calorimeter for thermodynamic studies
  • A Biochemistry Suite, including:
    • Laminar Flow Hood
    • Nanodrop UV-VIS spectrometer
    • Ultracentrifuge
    • Microcentrifuge
    • ChemiDoc Imager
    • BioRad Biochemistry Liquid Chromatogram
    • Flux Analyzer
    • Autoclave
    • Incubators
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