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The applicant or an immediate family member must meet qualifications for migrant or seasonal/temporary farm work:

the applicant or a member of his/her immediate family must have been employed in agriculture, on a temporary or seasonal basis, during the past 2 years (24 months), or

the applicant must have participated in a Title I, Migrant Education Program.  If the applicant participated in a Migrant Education program in the past, he or she must be able to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or similar documentation from a Migrant Education Tutoring Service Program (METS). 

Students are required to be in the process of graduating or have graduated high school and receiving a High School Regents Diploma or Equivalency prior to be considered into acceptance of the CAMP program.

Residency Qualifications:

Once the applicant has qualified as a migrant or seasonal/temporary farm worker, below are the residency qualifications.

  • CAMP can only accept students who are US Citizens or have Permanent Residency. CAMP is NOT ALLOWED to accept undocumented or DACA students due to federal funding.
  • If permanent resident, applicant must show proof of having a current permanent residency card (a copy is needed when applying for files).

Additionally, if the applicant qualifies the applicant can receive our federal scholarship if they live anywhere in USA, but in order to qualify for other state funds that could reduce the cost of college.  The applicant must have lived in New York State for at least one year before acceptance into college, establishing residency in the state for the purposes of financial aid. 

Academic Qualifications:

Once the applicant has qualified as a migrant or seasonal/temporary farm worker, below are the academic and residency qualifications:

The applicant will be or has been a high school graduate or will be or has received a High School Equivalency Diploma (GED /TASC) prior to being considered into acceptance of the CAMP program. The following are the GPA with SAT or ACT scores, as well as the necessary GED/TASC score needed to apply:

  • the applicant must have a minimum high school GPA of 78 or higher or a score of 2500 or higher on the GED (contact CAMP if you scored lower on the GED).
  • the applicant is required to have a combined critical reading and math score of 800 or higher on the SAT (GED students are exempt from the SAT).
  • the applicant is required a composite score of 16 or higher on the ACT (GED students are exempt from the ACT).

Students do not have to be historically disadvantaged or come from low-income families to qualify, but we give preference to those students first.  Students who fall into a bit higher grades and income might qualify depending on the need of the student.  Each case is reviewed by a committee to be considered but there are no guarantees of being accepted.  Everyone is invited to apply through the online process or by meeting with our recruiter who will come directly to your home to help with the paperwork. 

CAMP Services Provided

CAMP provides an array of services that help alleviate the pressures that first-year college students can experience. CAMP services include a financial scholarship, assistance with academics, and personal counseling. CAMP will assist all candidates in teaching the students to properly complete the paperwork needed for admissions, CAMP application, EOP/ACE application if qualified, and all financial aid forms. 

Financially, CAMP will assist each of our students in applying for all available grants, scholarships, and/or government school loans. In addition to the financial scholarship, the program provides a weekly stipend to help cover basic expenses. In addition, CAMP will pay for student's textbooks and supplies on their first year of college. Freshman transportation costs will be covered for breaks, holidays, and emergency travel.  CAMP provides financial assistance to take non-traditional courses, the supplies that accompany them, as well as, admission to campus-sponsored events.  
CAMP also provides an academic tutor who focuses on educational tutoring and academic planning. The academic tutor also works cooperatively with professors to help ensure the student’s success. Students schedule one-on-one sessions to address academic needs and, if more help is needed, they are referred to other experts on campus. This process provides the student with an indication of how they are progressing in the class and assists the CAMP academic tutor in meeting the student’s needs. Peer tutoring is available upon request to the academic tutor.
Additionally, students will have access to an advisor to support and assist students as they adjust to college life. Visits with the advisor occur in both an individual and group setting, providing our students with personal, extracurricular, and life skills guidance. The advisor acts as a liaison for our students with campus clubs and organizations and facilitates the development of a support system to improve study and social skills.


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