HEERF III (ARP) Student Emergency Grant

SUNY Oneonta received Student Aid funding under section 2003(7) of the ARP. This program, with some changes, provides supplemental funds to the CARES Act section 18004(a)(1) program. SUNY Oneonta signed and returned to the Education Department a Certification and Agreement as required under the CARES Act section 18004(a)(1) program. We acknowledge that by drawing down the ARP funds, our institution agrees to be bound by the conditions set forth in the ARP Supplemental Agreement including using 100 percent of these funds, $7,907,425, to provide emergency aid grants to students.

You may be eligible to receive a block award if you:

  • Are a matriculated (degree-seeking) full- or part-time undergraduate or graduate student
  • Have completed the 2021-2022 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) within the following range: 0 – $14,615

If you do not meet the criteria above, you may be eligible to apply for a discretionary award if you:

  • Are a matriculated full- or part-time undergraduate or graduate student
  • Are an international student or non-citizen who is not eligible for federal financial aid

Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 awards will vary based on student enrollment and individual eligibility. A total of $4,349,084 is designated for fall and $3,558,341 for spring. The information below applies to fall only. Spring award eligibility and amounts will be calculated during the spring semester.

Block Awards

Awards will vary by enrollment level (full- or part-time) and EFC. Eligible students will receive an email indicating their individual award amount. The following chart indicates block award amounts based on an estimate of 2656 eligible students enrolled in the fall 2021 semester:

Fall 2021 Block Award Chart
Award Amount Per EFC Range EFC Range
0 - 2,923
EFC Range
2,924 - 5,846
EFC Range
5,847 - 8,769
EFC Range
8,770 - 11,692
EFC Range
11,693 - 14,615
FT Student Awards $1,764.00 $1,568.00 $1,372.00 $1,176.00 $980.00
PT STudent Awards $1,372.00 $1,176.00 $980.00 $784.00 $588.00

Discretionary Awards

Eligible recipients will be sent an invitation via email to complete an application for a discretionary emergency grant. Award amounts to eligible students will vary based on a review of financial need as documented in the application.

No application is required for receipt of HEERF III Student Aid block awards. Eligible students will be notified of their grant amounts and information about delivery of funds via email from the EmergencyRelief@oneonta.edu email address.

Students eligible to apply for a discretionary award will receive an application via email.

HEERF III student aid funds may be used for any component of the student’s cost of attendance or emergency costs that arise due to Coronavirus, including:

  • Tuition
  • Food
  • Housing
  • Health care (including mental health care)
  • Childcare

HEERF III student aid funds will not need to be repaid

HEERF III student aid funds will not impact your current or future financial aid

There are two options for distribution of funds:

  • You may have the entire amount of your award refunded to you (no action is required for this option). Your HEERF III award will apply to your account and then be fully refunded to you regardless of the account balance. Funds will be issued electronically through SUNY Oneonta’s refund delivery partner, BankMobile. To ensure funds are received in the most timely manner, students should be certain their BankMobile profile is activated and their preferred bank account for electronic funds transfer is up to date. To activate or update a BankMobile profile, go to BankMobile’s refund selection page. For assistance in setting up a BankMobile account or related questions, contact StudentAccts@oneonta.edu.
  • You may opt to have your HEERF III award applied to your account balance, with any remainder refunded to you. A link to select this option will be provided in your email award notification. Be sure your BankMobile account is active and updated to ensure timely delivery of any HEERF III funds in excess of your account balance (see bullet above).

Distribution of block grant awards will begin during the week of October 25.

Discretionary awards will be distributed later in the semester.

Questions? Email EmergencyRelief@oneonta.edu.

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