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At SUNY Oneonta we strive to nurture a community of care. We want to make sure that we are supporting each other through this unprecedented time. In order to do this, we hope that you’ll click the “check in” button above, and tell us how we can help you, support you, and/or reassure you in this time of uncertainty. Please feel free to tell us what you’re experiencing. You can also choose to have someone from the College reach out to you via email or phone for assistance.

Frank Chambers

The Division of Student Development at SUNY Oneonta is concerned about the overall quality of student life for our student body.  As the Vice President, I am deeply committed to ensuring that, in addition to fulfilling their academic requirements, students also take the time to explore and learn to appreciate who they are and what they are capable of accomplishing outside the classroom. 

The Division is responsible for developing institutional policies and creating supporting services that assist students in reaching their educational goals by providing opportunities for the full college experience. We are dedicated to a collaborative approach to student development and work with faculty and departmental staff to impart appropriate guidance over issues of policy, conduct and university safety. 

From Orientation to Graduation, the Division of Student Development will provide a co-curricular experience that is second to none.  Several leadership opportunities await our students through participation in the over 100 clubs and organizations on campus.  Our students learn and experience self-governance, critical-thinking, and other skills that will make them valuable resources in their future communities and professional roles.

If you have any questions regarding our program offerings, please feel free to call my office at (607) 436-2513. My office is located in the Netzer Administration Building, Suite 119.


Dr. Frank Chambers' Signature

Franklin D. Chambers, Ph.D.
Vice President Student Development
Netzer Administration Building 119
607-436-2513 (ph)
Email: Franklin.Chambers@oneonta.edu

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