The endowed scholarship funds dedicated to Economics majors include:

  • Economics and Business Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • John Doherty Scholarship
  • Steven Edelstein Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Foster Brown
  • Steven D. Raich Family Scholarship
  • George F. Ring Jr. and Ellen Smith Ring Scholarship
  • Dr. Ignatius J. H. Ts’ao Scholarship

Eligibility for awards from these endowed scholarships is based upon academic achievement at SUNY Oneonta, measured in terms of overall grade point average and grade point average in a major offered by the department.

There is no application process for these scholarships. Eligibility for an award is determined by grade point average and a minimum number of earned semester hours.

Awards are contingent upon enrollment at SUNY Oneonta and a major in Economics. Awards are renewable based upon continued enrollment and sustained academic performance.

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