Emergency Response Guidelines For A Fire

In case of fire, call University Police at 607-436-3550 or 911.

  • Activate the nearest pull station to activate the alarm system.
  • Alert people as you leave the building.
  • If safe to do so, immediately exit the building, closing the doors behind you. DO NOT use elevators during an evacuation!
  • Once safely outside the building, call University Police at 607-436-3550 or 911.
  • Remain calm.
  • Use the back of your hand to feel closed doors for heat. DO NOT open if they are hot!
    • If you are unable to leave, use a wet cloth or some material to seal cracks under the door and to cover air vents. Call University Police at 607-436-3550 to notify them of your location, room number and situation.
  • Walk to the nearest exit. DO NOT use elevators!
  • Inform emergency responders about people who have not been evacuated, or if you know of someone who is trapped.
  • Gather outside at the designated assembly area and follow instructions from university officials.
  • Do not attempt to reenter the building until instructed to do so by a building contact (administrative buildings), resident assistant/resident director (residential buildings) or University Police or firefighter.

Those who are unable to evacuate the building quickly, such as people with physical disabilities, should move to a safe location in a stairwell landing and contact University Police at 607-436-3550. Wait for assistance from trained emergency responders.

  • Drop to your hands and knees and crawl toward an exit.
  • Stay low to the floor, as smoke rises.
  • Hold your breath as much as possible.
  • Breathe shallowly through your nose, and cover your mouth and nose with a filter, such as your shirt or a towel.
  • Place a wet cloth or some material around or under the door to prevent smoke from entering the room.
  • Close as many doors as possible between you and the fire.
  • Be prepared to signal to someone outside, but DO NOT BREAK GLASS unless absolutely necessary!
  • Call University Police at 607-436-3550 and tell them your exact location (building and room number).

This preparedness guide for students, faculty, staff and visitors has been provided to you by SUNY Oneonta. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with how SUNY Oneonta plans for emergencies, and to improve your understanding of emergency preparedness and response. This guide is based on presently available information, as well as current federal- and state-recommended protective actions. In every situation, common sense and awareness of personal safety should take precedence over any action described in this guide.

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