Sexual Assault

Sexual assault of any kind is a crime. If you are a victim of rape or sexual assault and wish to report this to the police:

  • Call University Police at 607-436-3550.
    • Female officers may be available upon request.
    • University Police can provide you with transportation to the hospital, and a Crisis Services sexual assault advocate will meet you there.
    • University Police offers 24/7 disclosure and reporting assistance.
    • University Police can assist in obtaining an order of protection (if charges are pressed).
    • University Police offers access to a safe room.

Certain actions destroy physical evidence that may be necessary to prosecute the attacker. To preserve helpful evidence:

  • DO NOT bathe or shower.
  • DO NOT change clothing, comb your hair or brush your teeth.
  • DO NOT disturb the area where the crime occurred.

If you think you may have been assaulted while under the influence of alcohol or another drug (i.e., drug-facilitated rape):

  • Try not to urinate before providing urine samples.
  • If possible, collect any items from which you drank.

University Police will provide victims resources and reporting options. Victims of sexual harassment or sexual assault can also report to Title IX coordinators.

This preparedness guide for students, faculty, staff and visitors has been provided to you by SUNY Oneonta. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with how SUNY Oneonta plans for emergencies, and to improve your understanding of emergency preparedness and response. This guide is based on presently available information, as well as current federal- and state-recommended protective actions. In every situation, common sense and awareness of personal safety should take precedence over any action described in this guide.

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