Shelter-in-Place Procedures

Shelter-in-place goes into effect during emergency situations where it is important to minimize exposure to outdoor hazards.

These situations may include:

  • Extreme weather.
  • Dangerous air quality due to the release of hazardous materials.

Signals: Shelter-in-place will be signaled by the SUNY NY Alert system. The college siren will be sounded outdoors as well.

Action: If a shelter-in-place order is given, enter the nearest building and move to an interior room away from exterior windows.

Information about the situation will be communicated via the SUNY NY Alert system and college webpage as it becomes available.

  • Once it is safe to resume normal activities, an “All Clear” message will be sent via the SUNY NY Alert system.

This preparedness guide for students, faculty, staff and visitors has been provided to you by SUNY Oneonta. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with how SUNY Oneonta plans for emergencies, and to improve your understanding of emergency preparedness and response. This guide is based on presently available information, as well as current federal- and state-recommended protective actions. In every situation, common sense and awareness of personal safety should take precedence over any action described in this guide.

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