English Internships

Why do an internship?

An internship offers the opportunity to gain real-world writing and communication experience, as well as to try out a possible industry or career path. It can often (though not always) lead to a permanent job. In addition, students who take the Department's internship class (COMP 4097) may use it to fill one of their 4000-level or COMP course requirements.

How do I find internship opportunities?

The Career Development Center (CDC) often has internship postings. Talk with the CDC, the chair of the English Department, or the Department's internship coordinator. Students interested in publishing internships should browse the internships section of bookjobs.com

It's also a good idea to contact directly organizations and companies that interest you or whose work you admire. We've had students persuade potential employers that they would benefit from hiring an intern.

Where have English majors done internships in the past?

Students often find positions at their hometown newspapers, public relations firms, or state legislators. Recently, students have done internships with the following organizations:

  • IT Services
  • The Student Learning Center (peer writing consultant)
  • The CelebrityCafe.com
  • Bright Hills Press & Literary Center
  • New York Council of Nonprofits
  • The Freeman's Journal/ Hometown Oneonta
  • Hearst Magazines
  • The West Kortright Centre
  • Maire Claire
  • The Children's Defense Fund

What's involved?

Apply for an internship just as you would any other employment or volunteer opportunity. It's also possible to receive college credit for your internship.

How do I get college credit?

Students wanting English Department credit take COMP 4097: Internship in English. To register for the class, you'll need to complete and submit the Undergraduate Internship Application form.

As you'll notice when you download the form, it lays out several requirements.

  • The internship must have "sufficient academic content" to be approved (that is, you should learn something from the experience).
  • You may not work for a family member or for a faculty member.
  • You must have a GPA of at least 3.0 (Note that the English Department requires a higher GPA than does the university).
  • You must have completed 56 credit hours, with at least 12 at SUNY-Oneonta.
  • You must locate a specific person at your internship site to be your "sponsor" (or supervisor).
  • You must ask an English Department faculty member to serve as faculty coordinator. This person will oversee the class part of the internship and assign a grade for COMP 4097. The coordinator can be the Department's internship coordinator (Dr. Black), a favorite professor, or a professor with expertise in the area of your internship.

What will I have to do for the COMP 4097 class?

Typically, students submit progress reports, meet with their faculty coordinator, and submit a final report and/or portfolio. Specific requirements should be spelled out in the project description that accompanies the application form.

Faculty coordinators should plan to make a site visit or conference call once during the course of the internship.

Additional Resources

The Career Development Center's Internships page

Registrar's Office Internships page: includes "Terms and Conditions for internship eligibility"

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