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The Faculty Convivium is a luncheon series presented by SUNY Oneonta faculty. Summaries of faculty research, accessible to the non-specialist, are presented in a collegial atmosphere.

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Wednesday, 2 October 2019, 12:00-1:00 pm, Le Cafe in Morris Conference Center


Economics, Finance & Accounting Department

"Condom, Promiscuity, and HIV Infection: Evidence from Southern Africa"

In sub-Saharan Africa, HIV transmission rates are high despite popularization of condoms. A suspected reason for this condom paradox is that condoms may encourage promiscuity leading to risky sexual behavior. To examine the validity of this behavioral change, we estimate the effects of condom use on promiscuity in a model of promiscuity that incorporates the endogeneity of condom use. Based on the latest round from the Demographic and Health Survey data for four Southern African countries, our simultaneous equation estimates confirm the promiscuity effect of condom use. We also find that condom use does not necessarily lower HIV infection rates. What our findings imply is firstly that the HIV prevention effect of the condom promotion policy in the long run may not be as large as its initial clinical effect. Secondly, in order to overcome the HIV epidemic, condom promotion must accompany the policy measures to alleviate its unintended side-effect, an increase in promiscuity.

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