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Family Weekend 2020

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T-Rex Fossil Hot Spots:
A Geography of the World's Most Famous Dinosaur in America

September 25 7:00pm
Ever wondered where T-Rex remains have been found? Or how many in total? And what exactly has been found, beyond just bone – like skin, blood vessels, and more. This live virtual talk by Dr. Benjamin Y. Dixon a professor in the Department of Geography & Environmental Sustainability, is an up-to-date review of what you ought to know about where the world’s most famous dinosaur fossils have been found, and what has been uncovered at the discovery sites. This is a geography of T-Rex. A link will be posted at a later date

Parent Perspectives
October 9 7:00pm
A live virtual event in which a panel of parents who work at SUNY Oneonta and also have a college aged child (or a recent college grad) will answer questions from parents. A link will be posted at a later date.

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