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(G) = Graduate Student
= Designated as sustainability-related
= Supported by the Student Grant Program for Research and Creative Activity (funded by the College at Oneonta Foundation and the SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association; facilitated by the Senate Committee on Research and the Grants Development Office)
= MS Sway presentation

Student: David Adams
Faculty Sponsor: Keith Brunstad (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)
Geologic Reconnaissance Survey of Shawangunk Ridge: New Paltz, NY

Students: Olivia Allrich, Mary Tigue, Jonathan Solorzano, Tyler Brazinski
Faculty Sponsors: Jess Downin (Athletics), Lawrence Guzy (Psychology, emeritus faculty)
Motion Sickness Susceptibility in a Varsity Women's Athletic Team: An Exploratory Study

Student: Christopher Andrade
Faculty Sponsor: Tyra Olstad (Geography & Environmental Sustainability)
Snow Monitoring of SUNY Oneonta Wetland

Student: Christopher Andrade
Faculty Sponsor: Donna Vogler (Biology)
Deer Density Monitoring

Student: Abby Antalek
Faculty Sponsor: Raymond Siegrist (Secondary Education & Educational Technology)
Spaced Practice and a Long-lasting Education

Student: Tayler Baldwin
Faculty Sponsor: Emily Riddle (Human Ecology)
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Methods Used to Teach the Translation of Research into Evidenced-based Practice in Undergraduate Dietetics Students

Student: Jessica Baron
Faculty Sponsor: Jody Aultman (Human Ecology)
Surface Design

Students: Manolo Benitez, Hannah Harby, Jared Stauss, Katherine Mertus
Faculty Sponsor: Elizabeth Bastiaans (Biology)
Impact of Snow Removal on Red-Backed Salamander Abundance and Recapture Probability

Student: Lillian Berrios
Faculty Sponsor: Katherine Lau (Psychology)
The Dark Triad and Socially Desirable Responding

Student: Kelsey Bogdan
Faculty Sponsor: Kristen Roosa (Biology)
The Effect of Benzophenone-1 on Ovarian Follicle Formation

Student: Anna Braun
Faculty Sponsor: Tyra Olstad (Geography & Environmental Sustainability)
Spirituality and Conservation in Mexico: The Case of Panthera onca

Students: Anna Braun, Alexandra Gomez, Marissa Laterra, Caroline Powell, Leah Stern, Lyndsey Whittemore
Faculty Sponsors: Gregory Fulkerson (Sociology), Rachel Kornhauser (Office of Sustainability)
Campus Food Waste: Field Observations of Dining Halls

Student: Alyx Braunius
Faculty Sponsor: Tyra Olstad (Geography & Environmental Sustainability)
The Relationship Between Yoga and Environmentally Sustainable Living

Students: Kira Bruno, Kelsey Green, Kali Ticehurst, Lauren Whittemore
Faculty Sponsors: Gregory Fulkerson (Sociology), Rachel Kornhauser (Office of Sustainability)
Campus Food Waste: Analysis of a Student Survey

Students: Edward Budai, Cameron Ahlers, Erick Fragoso, Megan Schofield
Faculty Sponsors: Gregory Fulkerson (Sociology), Rachel Kornhauser (Office of Sustainability)
Analysis of Campus Food Waste: Interviews with Campus Food Staff

Students: Joshua Busold, Jessica Abt, Dan Coelho, Skyler Daniello, Andre Espinoza, Brandon Laventure, Samantha Paduani
Faculty Sponsor: Fred Zalatan (Biology)
Yeast Host Factors Involved in Replication of a Jumping Gene

Student: Sarah Callan (G)
Faculty Sponsor: Erik Stengler (Cooperstown Graduate Program)
Visitor Expectations and Perceptions of Controversial Science Topics at Botanic Gardens

Student: Alyssa Carbone
Faculty Sponsor: Elizabeth Small (Foreign Languages & Literatures)
Fighting for Freedom: What We Can Learn from Immigration Law and Cuban-American Immigrants in the US

Student: Cassandra Carl (G)
Faculty Sponsor: Sarah Rhodes (Milne Library)
Crisis Literature as an Emerging Subgenre of Young Adult Literature

Students: Stephanie Carpenter, Hadley Chan
Faculty Sponsors: Paul French, Jane Simpson (Physics & Astronomy)
What Makes a Trumpet Sound Like a Trumpet?

Students: Christina Chumpitazi, Kristen Duscher
Faculty Sponsor: Junryo Watanabe (Biology)
Immune-Mediated Repair and Regeneration of the Nervous System

Students: Mitchell Collins, Nicholas Kilmer
Faculty Sponsor: Hugh Gallagher, Jr. (Physics & Astronomy)
Building a Solar Energy System

Student: Alexandria Collum
Faculty Sponsors: Tyra Olstad (Geography & Environmental Sustainability), Elizabeth Bastiaans (Biology)
Is Climate Change effecting the Spotted Salamander’s (Ambystoma maculatum) Migratory Breeding Patterns?

Student: Theresa Considine
Faculty Sponsor: Charlene Christie (Psychology)
The Impact of Group Stereotype on Collective Self-Esteem and Performance

Students: Christopher Corsello, Kelly Carey, Shakuntala Persaud
Faculty Sponsor: Junryo Watanabe (Biology)
The Effect of Artificial Sweeteners on Blood Glucose Levels

Students: James Creaser, Daniel Callahan
Faculty Sponsor: Chien-Wei [Wilson] Lin (Management, Marketing & Information Systems)
Make Your Money Upset and You Will Have Nothing to Invest: How Humanizing Money and Facial Emotion Affect Financial Risk Taking

Students: Isaiah Crosbourne, Julia Huntley
Faculty Sponsor: Florian Reyda (Biology)
Nematode Parasites of Otsego Lake Fishes

Student: Claire Curtin
Faculty Sponsor: Florian Reyda (Biology)
Resolving the True Identity of Octospinifer macilentus

Student: Sabrina De La Rosa
Faculty Sponsors: Maria Chaves Daza (Africana & Latino Studies), Laura Felschow (Communications & Media)
Josefina: La Afro Latina
Link to Screenplay

Student: Stephen DeForest (G)
Faculty Sponsor: Jeffrey Heilveil (Biology)
Species Distribution Modeling of Calopteryx maculate

Student: Nicholas Dillmann
Faculty Sponsors: Dona Siregar, Kai Chen (Economics, Finance & Accounting)
Market Volatility and the US-China Trade War

Student: Andrew Ditzel
Faculty Sponsor: Laura Munteanu (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics)
From Calculus to Differential Geometry

Students: Taylor Dolan, Allison Hannigan, Jason Cadwalader, Jaynelle Baird
Faculty Sponsor: Melissa Godek (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)
The Utility of Thickness and Weather Type as a Rain – Snow Divide: A 30-year Case Study at Albany, NY

Student: Kathryn Dragan (G)
Faculty Sponsor: Erik Stengler (Cooperstown Graduate Program)
Modern Cabinet of Curiosities: The Display of Human Remains and Audience Response

Student: Christian Dunphy
Faculty Sponsors: Michael McAvoy, Kpoti Kitissou (Economics, Finance & Accounting)
NBA Win Percentage Affected by Game Scheduling

Students: Austen Eighmey, Will Augstell, Teresa Hoffmeister, David Madden, Amanda Romo, Leslie Tallmadge
Faculty Sponsors: Gregory Fulkerson (Sociology), Rachel Kornhauser (Office of Sustainability)
Campus Food Waste Analysis: Field Observations of Coffee/Tea Spots

Students: Paige Gannon, Rebecca Macdonald
Faculty Sponsor: Andrea Fallon-Korb (Sport & Exercise Sciences)
Influencing Factors of Mental Toughness: Perceptions of Athletes and Coaches

Student: Francesca Giannetta
Faculty Sponsor: Christine Storrie (Economics, Finance & Accounting)
The Effects of Daylight Savings Time on Work Productivity: Are We Really Saving?

Students: Sierra Gold, Emma Allis, Jacob Azukas, Carsen Debrock, Angelo Passafiume
Faculty Sponsors: Gregory Fulkerson (Sociology), Rachel Kornhauser (Office of Sustainability)
Analysis of Campus Food Waste: A Garbology Analysis

Student: Franchesca Gonzalez
Faculty Sponsor: Brian Lowe (Sociology)
Purposeful Simulations: Educating the Public on Autism Spectrum Disorder

Student: Alex Gross
Faculty Sponsors: Elizabeth Bastiaans (Biology), Jessica Burkhart (University of Minnesota)
Effects of Oxytocin on Social Behavior in African Carnivores

Student: Hannah Harby (G)
Faculty Sponsor: Elizabeth Bastiaans (Biology), Alexandra Vlk (Randolph Macon College)
The Next Generation: Headstarting Two Populations of Wood Turtle Hatchlings from Oneonta, NY

Student: Arene Holston
Faculty Sponsor: Betty Wambui (Africana & Latinx Studies)
The Systems We Face

Student: Haleigh Jaquint
Faculty Sponsor: Jody Aultman (Human Ecology)
A Study in Garment Design and Construction

Students: Alexandra Keen, Kevin Reyna, Christen Patalano, Allison Chapman
Faculty Sponsor: Yoko Takagi (Psychology)
Cultural Research on Parental Beliefs about Children’s Developmental Goals

Students: Aiden King, Connor Manion, Frederick Pachonka, Brendan Sweeney
Faculty Sponsor: Antoine Blanc, Trudy Thomas-Smith (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Exploring Diastereoselective Epoxidation to Provide Hexahydropyrroloindoline-Containing Peptide

Students: Jennifer Le, Laci Nellis
Faculty Sponsor: Katherine Lau (Psychology)
Social Anxiety, Avoidant Personality Disorder, and Emotion Socialization

Students: Kristin Lee, Lucas Foster, Andrew Hodgens
Faculty Sponsors: Sunil Labroo (Physics & Astronomy), James Mills (Geography & Environmental Sustainability)
A Comparative Analysis of the Delhi Ghazipur Landfill and Pennsylvania Keystone Landfill

Student: Madison Levine
Faculty Sponsor: Florian Reyda (Biology)
A New Species of Tapeworm from the Long-tail Stingray from Ecuador

Students: Alexandra Lewis, Ryan Minges, Christopher Robertson
Faculty Sponsor: Michael Aryee (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics)
Coding with Application

Student: Gregory Makarius, Melissa Amigon
Faculty Sponsor: Paul Bischoff (Secondary Education & Educational Technology)
Examining Road Salts as a Model for Sea Spray and Their Impact on Bridge Infrastructure

Students: Kaitlin Martins, Christopher Deragon, Alina Amin
Faculty Sponsor: Katherine Lau (Psychology)
The Dark Triad and Cognitive, Behavioral, and Emotional Regulation

Student: Gabrielle Mastrantuono
Faculty Sponsor: Tyra Olstad (Geography & Environmental Sustainability)
Demographic and Cultural Changes in a Post-Katrina New Orleans Neighborhood

Students: Gabrielle Mastrantuono, Eric Dammeyer, Casey McCurty
Faculty Sponsors: James Mills (Geography & Environmental Sustainability), Sunil Labroo (Physics & Astronomy)
Sustainable Transportation Development: Case Study of New Delhi, India

Student: Casey McCurty
Faculty Sponsor: Tyra Olstad (Geography & Environmental Sustainability)
Honey Bee Population Decline and Beekeeping

Students: Montanna Miller, Riley Becker, Grace Fade, Mona Ishibashi, Paige Reilly, Melissa Szala
Faculty Sponsors: Gregory Fulkerson (Sociology), Rachel Kornhauser (Environmental Sustainability)
Campus Food Waste: Analysis of a Faculty Survey

Student: Daniel Murphy
Faculty Sponsors: Keith Brunstad, Leslie Hasbargen (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)
Sustainable Analysis and Sedimentation in the Lower Reservoir Oneonta, NY: A Drained Perspective

Student: Heather Murphy (G)
Faculty Sponsor: Willard Harman (Biology)
Addressing the Impact of Current and Future Development on the Characterization of a Meso-oligotrophic Lake

Students: Laci Nellis, Jennifer Le
Faculty Sponsor: Katherine Lau (Psychology)
The Moderating Effects of Self-esteem on Helicopter Parenting, Autonomy Support, and Well-being

Student: Adrianna Newell
Faculty Sponsor: Wesley Bernard (Art)
Lost Sisters

Student: Allison Nolan
Faculty Sponsor: Barbara Durkin (Management, Marketing & Information Systems)
Technology in the Workplace - Can Workers Expect Privacy?

Student: Ichika Odani
Faculty Sponsor: Bharath Ramkumar (Human Ecology)
Exploring Indigenous Garments and Textiles of Latin America and Africa

Students: Oluwafunto Okelola, Amaya Hodges, McKayla Cates, James Moorhead
Faculty Sponsor: Elizabeth Bastiaans (Biology)
The Effect of Novel vs. Familiar Mates on Female Life History and Male Mating Behavior in Bean Beetles

Students: Sean O'Rourke, Nicole Devine
Faculty Sponsor: Florian Reyda (Biology)
Trematodes of Suckers Throughout North America

Student: James Pasquino
Faculty Sponsors: Kelly Gallagher, Heike Geisler (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Synthesis of Gold/Palladium Nanocomposites for Fabrication of Sandwich-type

Student: Irene Pazos
Faculty Sponsor: Maria Chaves Daza (Africana & Latinx Studies)
The Globalization of Hip Hop

Student: Nicole Pedisich (G)
Faculty Sponsor: Jeffrey Heilveil (Biology)
Using 3rd Generation DNA Sequencing to Evaluate Population Structure of Pteronarcys biloba, (Newman), in New York

Student: Jeremy Pember
Faculty Sponsor: Florian Reyda (Biology)
Exploring the Poorly Known Thorny-Headed Worm Neoechinorhynchus carpiodi

Students: Abigail Petrassi, Nicole Young
Faculty Sponsor: Paul Bischoff (Secondary Education & Educational Technology)
Conventional vs. Organic Cotton: The Consumer’s Best Option

Student: Stephanie Reyes
Faculty Sponsor: Summer Cunningham (Communications & Media)
Inequality in Women in Sports

Students: Bailey Riekkinen, Taylor Paglino, Suzanne Dehmer, John Clancy
Faculty Sponsors: Sunil Labroo (Physics & Astronomy), James Mills (Geography & Environmental Sustainability)
Study of the Air Quality Impact on Public Health in New Delhi, India

Students: Chase Robinson, Grace Daly
Faculty Sponsors: Emily Riddle (Human Ecology), Jonathan Brown (Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics)
How To Get the Most Nutrition For Your Dollar

Student: Leah Saxton
Faculty Sponsor: Sarah Portway (Human Ecology)
Measuring Social Media

Student: Amanda Setteducate (G)
Faculty Sponsor: Jeffrey Heilveil (Biology)
Tossing out the Alleles with the Flood Waters: Lasting Impacts of Hurricane Irene (2011) on Aquatic Insects in Unadilla, NY

Students: Amy Shultis, Adrian Ago, Suzanne Dehmer, Spencer Diaz, Lucas Foster, David Purgason
Faculty Sponsors: Gregory Fulkerson (Sociology), Rachel Kornhauser (Office of Sustainability)
Campus Food Waste: A Recycling Garbology Analysis

Student: Marianne Swan
Faculty Sponsor: Wendy Lascell (Geography & Environmental Sustainability)
Katrina Lessons

Student: Marianne Swan
Faculty Sponsor: Tyra Olstad (Geography & Environmental Sustainability)
CAFOs: The Hidden Horrors of American Agriculture

Students: Danielle Swierczyna, Zachary Peterson
Faculty Sponsor: Allan Green (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Regulation of Lipolysis by AMP-Activated Protein Kinase in Adipocytes

Student: Chloe Tarlen
Faculty Sponsor: Florian Reyda (Biology)
Water Supply Parasites

Student: Karlo Vlahek
Faculty Sponsor: Kpoti Kitissou (Economics, Finance & Accounting)
The Effects of the Slave Trades on Literacy in Modern Day Africa

Student: Torre Weinstein
Faculty Sponsor: Karen Stewart (Communication and Media)
Background Artwork for a Visual Novel Video Game

Student: Jayda Woodall
Faculty Sponsor: Maria Chaves Daza (Africana and Latino Studies)
The Experience

SRCA Day Keynote Address & Luncheon


Speaker photo


"GOING WITH THE FLOW: A Guide to Being Confident While Uncertain"

Jared Reynolds '12



After graduating from SUNY Oneonta, Jared moved to Chicago where he obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Chicago-Kent College of Law and obtained his licenses to practice law in Illinois as well as the Federal Northern District of Illinois. He is now in his fifth year of practice.

During law school, Jared worked as a law clerk in the office of the Cook County Public Defender in the Felony Trial Division and Homicide Task Force and gained invaluable experience in litigating jury and bench trials. Upon receiving his law license, he went on to fight for individuals as well as their families who suffered from catastrophic injuries due to the negligence of others. Jared is the Chair of the Mentorship Committee for the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago, where he creates opportunities for LGBT law students in the city to receive guidance from LGBT attorneys and Judges.

While at SUNY Oneonta, Jared was a three-season athlete, competing on the cross-country and indoor and outdoor track and field teams. He was named Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year and was awarded the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence. After graduation, Jared continued running, improving his times from college and completing both the Chicago and Boston marathons as well as countless local Chicago races.


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