Compliance Officers & Roles

Compliance Roles and Responsibilities

Various State and Federal laws, as well as SUNY Policies, require that SUNY campuses officially designate an employee to fill a particular compliance function or responsibility. These compliance roles, and other broad campus compliance areas are listed below along with contact information for the campus official responsible for each role or area. Additional information about these roles and the SUNY Compliance Program is available at the SUNY Compliance website.

ADA Coordinator (Human Resources), Gail Feuer - 436-2509

Title IX Coordinator, Andrew Stammel - 436-2835

Campus Security Authority for Purposes of the Clery Act, William Henn - 436-3550

Affirmative Action Officer, Andrew Stammel - 436-2835

Chief Diversity Officer, Bernadette Tiapo - 436-2830

Child Protection Policy Responsible University Official, Graig Eichler - 436-2077

Domestic Violence Liaison, Gail Feuer -- 436-2509

Enterprise Risk Management Officer, Julie Piscitello - 436-2081

Ethics Officer, Gail Feuer-- 436-2509

Internal Control Officer, Julie Piscitello - 436-2081

Records Management Officer, Susan Clemons - 436-3114

Records Access Officer/FOIL Officer, Andrew Stammel - 436-2835

Information Security Officer, Susan Clemons 436-2081

Privacy Compliance Officer (Human Resources)- Dia Carleton - 436-2509

Project Sunlight Liaison, Elizabeth Tirado - 436-2583

Specific information about each of the above roles is available at the SUNY Compliance Roles webpage.

Accessible Design, Scott Barton - 436-3171

Auditor, Susan Clemons - 436-2099

Code Enforcement Officer, Scott Barton - 436-3171

Chemical Hygiene Officer, Lachlan Squair - 436-3224

Copyright Compliance, Mary Lynn Bensen - 436-2730

Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Susan Clemons - 436-2081

Environmental Health and Safety, Peter Booth - 436-3224

FERPA Officer, Maureen Artale - 436-3216

Financial Aid Programs, Melissa Allen - 436-2746

Human Subjects Research, Denise Straut - 436-2525

Institutional Animal Care and Use (Research), Denise Straut- denise.straut@oneonta.edu436-2525

Intercollegiate Athletics/NCAA, Ryan Hooper - 436-2446

International and Immigration Compliance Employees, Lorraine Hall - 436-2509

International Education Primary Designated School Official, Denise Leinonen - 436-2463

Medical Records, Melissa Fallon-Korb 436-3368

New York State Education Law Article 129-A and Article 129-B, Amanda Finch - 436-2513

Political Activity on SUNY Campuses, Danielle McMullen - 436-2748

Responsible Conduct of Research, Denise Straut -- 436-2525

Safety, Security, and Public Health

Sexual Violence Prevention and Reporting, Andrew Stammel -- 436-2853

Accessibility Resources, Allison Fugit -- 436-2137

Student Rights and Responsibilities, Bernadette Tiapo - 436-2513

Voter Registration, Danielle McMullen - 436-2748

Workplace Violence Prevention, University Police 436-2491

**Last Updated: February 2022

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