Fraud Reporting

SUNY Oneonta is committed to the timely identification and resolution of issues related to suspected fraud, waste, abuse or irregular activities that may result in the inappropriate use of its funds or other college resources. Several reporting methods have been developed to enable faculty, staff, students and others to report suspected inappropriate activity. Such activity includes theft, loss, misuse or other fraudulent action involving college funds, equipment, supplies or other assets.

The fraud reporting services are not a substitute for, nor do they supersede, any existing reporting methods or protocols already in place. Personnel issues, bias or discrimination concerns, academic misconduct or other matters should be communicated to the appropriate college office.

If you suspect fraud, waste, abuse or irregular activities within the SUNY Oneonta campus community it is recommended that you first discuss your concerns with your supervisor. If you are not comfortable with such a discussion, you may report your concerns to the college controller, using any one of the following communication channels:

Call: 607-436-2099
FAX: 607-436-2816 (please use Fraud Incident Report Form)

Mail fraud incident report form to:

College Controller
Netzer Administration Bldg,
Room 200, SUNY Oneonta,
Oneonta, NY 13820

You are not required to include your name, however, you may want to include your name and contact information in the event questions arise. Reports should contain as much information as possible to support the allegation and facilitate the investigation. Due to confidentiality concerns, it may not be possible to inform users of the process or outcome of any investigation or action taken.

All submissions will be handled in a timely manner. The Internal Control Steering Committee will be apprised of all allegations and resolutions. All information will be confidential to the extent permitted by law.

As an alternative, you may report suspected inappropriate activity to the SUNY Office of the University Auditor. Contact methods and further information about fraud reporting can be found on the SUNY Fraud Reporting website.

Retaliation against anyone who has made a report in good faith under this process is strictly prohibited.

Intentional use of this process to make false allegations may result in disciplinary action.

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