Intramural Programs FAQ's

Where Is The Intramural Office Located?

We are located in the Chase PE Building, room 300 above the gym. Go underneath the press box and the stairs lead right up to our office.

Is It Free To Sign Up A-Team?

Yes. However a $20.00 deposit is required when you sign your team up to play. You will need a debit or credit card to put on file when you sign up. The deposit will only be charged to your card if your team forfeits two games. PLEASE NOTE: Failure to show up to the Captain's Meeting constitutes one forfeit- not against your record, but against your $20.00 deposit. If you play the season without forfeiting twice, your card will not be charged the $20.00.

How Do I Enter A-Team?

You can pick up a roster packet on the day that they are available at the Intramural Office. Usually, you will have a week to get your team entered. A $20.00 check (made out to "OAS/Student Association") needs to accompany the team roster to cover forfeit fees (see above). Be sure to hand in your roster and check to the Intramural Office before 4 pm on the date they are due. If your form is not in by the deadline, you will not be entered.

What If I Do Not Have A Team And Still Wish To Participate?

If you do not have a team, you can post your name, phone number, and the sport that you wish to play on our Free Agency Board located outside our office. However, we cannot guarantee that a team will call you to join, but it is an option. Your best bet is to speak with students in your residence hall, and around campus. It is a great way to make friends.

Do I Need To Bring My Own Equipment To Games?

At times personal equipment may be needed. However, the majority of the time, the Intramural Office will provide the necessary equipment. Contact the Intramural Office for inquiries. Email: Phone: x3461

After The Sports Season Begins, Can I Add Players To My Roster?

Yes. A team may add players to the roster up until approximately 1 week before playoffs begin. The exact date will be given to you by the Intramural Staff for each specific sport. Adding a player on a scorecard during a game does not constitute being placed on the roster. You must notify the Intramural Staff by either visiting the Intramural Office or by email:

How Will My Team Know When Our Games are Scheduled?

The complete season's schedule will be available on the Intramurals website under your sport's tab. This will usually be posted directly after the Captain's Meeting, if not the next day. Schedules will also be posted on the bulletin boards in the Chase P.E. Building. You can call x3461 and obtain game times for that day through the menu system (if we are not in). Be sure to check the website/phone for any cancellations due to weather.

What About Team Conflicts?

The scheduling team does their best to work around team conflicts. However, if teams have an abundance of conflicts, they will not be entered. Once games have been scheduled, there is no way to reschedule.

What If Games Are Canceled Due To The Weather?

Games may or may not be rescheduled depending on field/court availability and other such conflicts. Please be sure to continually check the website/phone x3461 to see if your games have been canceled/rescheduled.

Where Will The Games Be Played?

Indoor games are played in the Chase PE Building and the Alumni Field House. The outside sports will be played on the Intramural Fields (fields #3,#4, & #5) located behind the Hunt Union. You can find a map to the fields on the bottom of the home page on the Intramurals website.

Who Is Eligible to Participate?

Any SUNY Oneonta student, whether living on or off campus is eligible to participate. A non-SUNY Oneonta student is not allowed to take part. Faculty & Staff are also encouraged to join and submit teams.

How do I get to the Intramural Fields?

View the map.

What Time Is The Gym Open For Recreational Use?

View hours.

What Time Is The Pool Available For Open Swim?

View hours.

How Do I Sign Up For Aerobics?

Aerobics classes are free to attend, just check when classes are being offered and show up. The Instructors will love to have you attend. The hours and type of classes offered are posted here. Classes are instructed by students, if you are interested in being an instructor, please stop by the Intramural Office for details.


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