Making Cents

Making Cents of Life After College
Making Cents of Life After College

Financial Literacy at SUNY Oneonta

SUNY Oneonta’s Making Cents Financial Literacy and Wellness program is designed to help students develop a strong understanding of personal financial management concepts to empower students to make informed financial decisions and manage financial resources for a lifetime of financial well-being. 

Through a variety of engaging programming, services and events, students are able to enhance their knowledge and confidence in many areas of personal finance. Programs and services include:

  • Personal Financial Coaching
  • Online Financial Wellness Learning Modules
  • Monthly presentations and workshops
  • Events Focused on Financial Wellness
  • Student Loan Repayment Analysis
  • Virtual Resource Library

What students have said ....

In response to the question “What was the most valuable part of the Making Cents of Life After College event for you?”: 

"The most valuable part of the event for me was the savings event. It showed me that it's important to save money monthly and to just set it up that 10% of my salary goes to my savings automatically. Another thing is to set up my retirement plan early on even if 65 seems far away."

"Learning how to budget and measuring the importance of everything you spend your money on.Just looking into the cost of everything my freshman year is helpful."

"Learning about the average monthly payment for my loans."

"The most valuable part of the event was seeing the end results based on the career path I chose and my way of living.  It was interesting to get a realistic idea of how life will be after I graduate from SUNY Oneonta. "

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