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Making Cent$ Credit Report Check!
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Build a Savvy Spending Plan!
Book your "Student Loan Checkup" with the Making Cent$ team today!
Book your "Student Loan Checkup" today!
What is your money personality?
What is your money personality?

The Making Cent$ Team is happy to announce a new activity for Financial Literacy Month: our Credit Report Check!

We will use Qualtrics to guide you through accessing and reviewing the information on your credit report (we will not ask you for personal information on your credit report, just help you look it over and see that everything is in order).

We estimate this activity to take about 30 minutes to complete. You will earn 40 points in Making InCENTive$ and Critical Thinking LEAD Outcome credit. In order to receive both you will need to: access and check your credit report, use all of the information links provided, and read through the information provided in the activity.

For those who would like a Making Cent$ team member help guide them through their credit report check please schedule a Miscellaneous Meeting and put Credit Report Check in the financial topic box.

As an added bonus the first time you complete the self-guided version of Making Cent$ of Life After College you’ll earn 100 points toward a graduation cord in Making InCENTive$ and you’ll earn LEAD credit for the Career Path LEADership Outcome.

The online version of Making Cent$ of Life After College is based on the popular in-person event typically held each fall, and will give you a realistic perspective of post-graduation finances based on your chosen career path, starting salary and anticipated geographic location. If you don’t want to wait for the in-person event or would prefer an online experience, this version is for you!

The online event consists of three-parts:

  1. Registration (you’ll provide some information about your plans after completing your degree and entering the workforce)
  2. The Self-Guided Activity (we’ll send you a personal link that will guide you through spending decisions based on a realistic starting salary and expenses) This typically takes about 30-45 minutes
  3. An Individual Debriefing Appointment (you’ll chat with a Making Cent$ team member who will give you some tips and answer your questions via Teams or in-person if you prefer).

Note: The self-guided portion does not have to be complete all at once. You may leave and go back to complete at your convenience.

You must complete all three parts in order to receive 100 Points in Making InCENTive$ and credit for Career Path LEADership Outcome.

Questions? Please reach out to us through

Start your Self-Guided Making Cent$ of Life After College Journey today!

The Making Cent$ Team has heard from many students that financial stress can be a concerning problem. This is true for our students and others across the country. Our Financial Wellness Program is offering a great opportunity for students who want to build their money management skills. If you are concerned that your finances might not last through the semester or if you’d just like to manage your spending better, check out this savvy budgeting opportunity. As an added bonus you will receive LEAD credit for attending a Build a Savvy Spending plan meeting.

Schedule your Build a Savvy Spending Plan today!

As a borrower of federal student loans, we can help you navigate the transition into repayment and answer any questions you may have about your borrowing. We are offering virtual, one-on-one appointments with a Making Cent$ team member to review your loan history, interest rates, servicer set up, and discuss the repayment process. Student loan debt can cause stress and be intimidating, but we are here to guide you through the next steps after college. Please take advantage of this opportunity to meet with us briefly so we can set you up for success after graduation. Our Student Loan Checkups are also another opportunity for you to earn LEAD credit. We look forward to meeting with you!

Schedule your Student Loan Checkup today!

What is your "money personality?" Join the Making Cent$ team to gain a new perspective on your financial behaviors. Your money habits and attitudes influence your life and financial choices. Talking about money can be difficult, but with Money Personalities, there are no right or wrong answers. Instead, you will see both the advantages and challenges of your own money personality. The Making Cent$ team will walk you through a series of questions and provide you with a confidential "score" in various categories. Then, we will briefly share some thoughts to support you in a productive financial discussion to instigate real-life changes. We hope you will join us to gain some insight about your financial habits, making connections, and have fun! LEAD credit is available for participants! If you would like to schedule a session of Money Personalities please email us at

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