How to Apply

Regular Admission

Students intending to apply to the SUNY Oneonta's online M.S. Nutrition and Dietetics Program must submit all application materials (except for recommendations) in a single packet to SUNY Oneonta. Recommendations must be sent directly from recommendees to the MS-Nutrition Program Director, 100 Human Ecology Building, SUNY Oneonta, 108 Ravine Parkway, Oneonta, NY 13280 or via email

We accept 20 students for each class. Finalists can expect to be contacted prior to the end of March. They may be asked via a phone interview or email to describe their experiences or goals in more detail or to answer specific questions pertaining to their knowledge and skills related to dietetics.

All applicants must have:

  1. completed an accredited undergraduate program resulting in a baccalaureate degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from a US regionally accredited college/university or a foreign degree equivalent to at least a US baccalaureate degree.
  2. verification of completion (or an intent to complete form if the applicant has not completed all degree requirements) signed by their undergraduate dietetics program director.
  3. If the applicant completed a dietetics program more than two years ago, the applicant will be expected to have work experience in the field and/or additional course work to earn an acceptable score on the admissions exam.
  4. an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale.
  5. work and/or volunteer experience in dietetics or a related area.

Preference for admission will be given to applicants who are committed to becoming Registered Dietitians and who have:

  • developed the ability and willingness to assume considerable responsibility for their own learning.
  • demonstrated the ability to solve problems and work and communicate effectively with others.
  • demonstrated a commitment to community service and/or service-learning.
  • a strong academic record that provides ample evidence of the applicant's ability to do supervised experiential learning and graduate work successfully.

Applications are reviewed and acted upon without regard to race, color, gender, religion, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or status as a veteran.

Accepted graduate student interns should expect to submit to fingerprinting, a background check and drug screening as required by their clinical facilities and/or JCAHO (Joint Commission Accreditation on Health Organizations). Most facilities require graduate student interns to have a number of immunizations and some may have to be certified in CPR and/or meet other similar requirements.


Applicants may have official GRE scores submitted; however it is not necessary to do so. Applicants should have official GRE scores sent to the college if their performance on the exam provides additional evidence of the strength of their preparation and ability to succeed in graduate-level course work.

Credit for Prior Learning

The online M.S. Nutrition and Dietetics Program courses may not be challenged. All graduate student interns must register for and complete all 12 courses required for the program.

Prospective graduate student interns who believe that they have previously accomplished the required didactic and/or practicum experience for any course module are encouraged to plan their supervised experiential learning to demonstrate their ability to meet the program competencies as soon as practical during each course module. In consultation with the graduate student intern's preceptor and the course instructor and program director, the graduate student intern may then devote required supervised experiential learning hours to gaining additional knowledge and experience related to the field of dietetics.

Learn more about our Recency of Education guidelines, requirements for physical examinations and immunizations, and other policies and procedures.

  • Has Verification Statement, indicating completion of Dietetic Requirements, and received a bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • Committed to learning and becoming a Registered Dietitian
  • Positive and open to new experiences and ways of doing things
  • Mature and self-motivated
  • Well-organized, prompt, respectful
  • Good oral and written communicators
  • Good time managers
  • Familiar with what dietitians do in hospitals, community settings, and foodservice operations
  • Strong students capable of undertaking graduate level course work
  • Team players with strong interpersonal skills
  • Compassionate, nonjudgmental, open-minded
  • Ethical, honest, able to maintain confidences
  • Flexible and resourceful
  • Willing to follow policies and procedures
  • Able to self-assess
  • Focused and capable of helping others stay focused on the plans
  • Able to learn and succeed without having an on-site peer group
  • Applicants who have been out of school for three years or more may be asked to provide evidence that their knowledge-base is current and/or to take a placement exam.

Pre-Select Applicants

SUNY Oneonta & SUNY Plattsburgh students who expect to graduate from their B.S. in dietetics program can apply for admission as Pre-Select Applicants. All applications for consideration must be received by Monday, December 7, 2020. You must have a current signed Verification Statement or Intent to Complete form (indicating that you are graduating in May 2021), have a minimum GPA of 3.0, and have taken coursework within the last three years. The GRE exam is not required.

All applicants are required to send additional materials by mail. Faxes or electronic copies will be accepted for initial review but applicant must send the originals by mail as well.

Please note: Current Oneonta students and Oneonta alumni should email: to request a copy of their transcript be uploaded at no cost to their online graduate application. This must be completed or your graduate application will remain incomplete. 

 Graduate Application

Application Checklist     

Important Dates

February 15th, 2021: Postmark deadline for application to program

March 2021: Phone interviews of selected applicants

April 2021: Appointment Notifications- Accepted students must respond to the program director in writing to confirm attendance/acceptance of appointment. 

May 2021: Program Orientation (exact dates TBD, please check back for more information!)

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