Program Expenses

Anticipated Program Expenses For New Students
Program Application Fee ($50 Graduate Office for Processing and $75 for Application Review) $125
Books and Supplies (vary by purchase location, may be ordered online) $1,000 (estimated)
Housing & Meals Varies with individual preferences
Background Check, Finger Printing, Drug Screening, Physical Exams/Immunizations (cost varies based on requirements of student's specific rotation locations)** $0-500
Student Health Insurance (can be waived if you have private health insurance) Cost varies dependent on coverage obtained- student will need to show proof of health insurance coverage before start of program
Professional Liability Insurance** $50
Transportation Costs Varies with practice sites selected
Tuition (for full graduate program of 36 credits)

$16,965 (NYS resident) - $20,358 (non-NYS resident, 100% online graduate student)

Comprehensive College Fee (for full graduate program of 36 credits) $1,833
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Membership/District Membership Expenses $58
Field trip and seminars Varies with the geographic location
Orientation Free- Virtual/Online
Physical Exam & Immunizations**

Varies with insurance coverage

TOTAL EXPENSES (includes all possible expenses above and full graduate program of 36 credits)

$20,531 (NYS Resident)
$23,924 (non NYS Resident)

**expense not likely for students completing MS degree as already credentialed RD/RDN.

Students should contact the Financial Aid Office (607-436-2403) for information on the individual availability of aid and loan deferments.

The Future Education Model program will contact accepted students in March/April about the process for applying for the annual program scholarship which is based on demonstration of financial need. Completion of a FAFSA is recommended for all student applicants to determine eligibility.

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